Fall Nightcap Series – Race 2

Last week Race 1 was abandoned after a false start and an hour and a half delay waiting for the intermittent light breeze to stabilize while slowly shifting from SE to NW. This week the forecast was for conditions to be similar for Race 2. In defiance of the forecast, the wind before the start […]

2017 Distance Race Series – Sequim Bay Race

Although not a competitor, Andiamo Again was the only boat to represent the PTSA in Sequim Bay during the SBYC Hospice Regatta.

Consequently, she was the only boat to cross the starting line for the race returning to Port Townsend. Wind and tide conditions gave a quick trip.


Ted Pike Memorial Race Results

The second running of this tribute to Ted proved even more popular than the first with eleven boats anchored in the kelp off the Southeast corner of Fort Warden in bright sunshine. Only three were competing for the second time. Two others were registered but were probably unable to leave their undesirable moorage on the […]

Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Race 7 Results and Final Standings.

For the past two races a short windward leeward course was set up so the Thunderbirds could run multiple races practicing starts and roundings ahead of next months Internationals. More regular courses were set for PHRF, for race 5 – SITF and for race 6 – SIGTF. Good winds were available both evenings, steady NW […]

Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Races 6 & 6B, Results and Series Standings


Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Race 5, 5B, 5C Results and Standings

Just the results, explanation later.


Distance Race Series 2017 – Bush Point Race Results and Series Standings.

After a half hour wind delay, the small fleet headed out into the flood with a light easterly breeze. Only one boat reported a finish time.


Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Race 4 Results and Series Standings

Wind at start was very unstable, 2 to 8 kts oscillating between 210 deg & 300 deg., 12 kt gusts from 240 deg. Course set SDYTYDF (5.3 nm). From S to Y very gusty and variable, from Y to T apparently softer and steadier. After T the fleets crossed a wind-line into stronger wind (12 […]

Midsummer Regatta 2017 A Great Success

It was a beautiful day on the water, with a few sunburns. Steady winds until a shift at the last race, but we got off 6 races and I think everyone was done by that time.


Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2017 – Race 3

Just the results and series standings.