Year-end party report

The year-end party was a good time with good food, awards, a slide show, and chance to catch up with old friends and make new ones. Thank you gift cards were awarded to those who contributed in various ways throughout the year (see below). We awarded $900 to the high school sailing team.  Elections were held – see this page to find out who is on the expanded board for 2020. John Lynes gave a treasurer’s report explaining where our money comes from and where it goes. A recap of 2019 was presented as well as plans for 2020.  A special thanks goes to Steve Scharf who provided all of the trophies and who has contributed so much of his time and resources this year.

Thank you’s and year end awards:

Photos from the party:

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Help Wanted

PTSA has a new “clubhouse” (pictured above).  As you can see it is a shipping container, and it is located between West Marine and the dive shop, across the street from the Yacht Club.  The goal is that this can become  place where we can have after race BBQs, as well as providing storage for club related gear.

But first it needs a little work to make it look nicer and be more hospitable.  Steve Scharf has been working diligently, pressure washing and treating rust spots.  The next step is to paint the whole thing – and you can help! It’s a big job but with several people helping it will go fast. Send Steve an email ( and he will let you know when the painting parties are happening.  But don’t wait, painting starts soon.

And remember the fall race series starts Saturday Sept 28th.  All boats are welcome!

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T-bird Internationals 2019 – Day One

Steve Scharf has reported from the 2019 T-bird International Regatta in Boston that it was a light wind day, but after a one hour delay they got off three races.  Eleven boats participated and the Raven crew got a seventh, a first, and a third putting them in second place at the end of day one.  You can see the results on the regatta web site.

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Board Meeting Minutes Now Online

In an attempt to communicate better, the minutes of PTSA board meetings will now be published here on this site. Minutes from last night’s meeting are now available for your reading pleasure.  The page with the minutes can always be found under the “About” menu.  Many thanks to Heidi Eisenhour for making this happen.

If you have questions or comments about the minutes your feedback is always appreciated.  Send email to

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Party After Racing This Wednesday (6/19/19)

To celebrate a successful  Midsummer Series,  Admiral Ship Supply will be hosting a party for the fleet directly after racing ends on Wednesday.  The Raven crew will once again provide brats, chips and potato salad.  Please bring your own drinks.   Admiral Ship Supply is located near the heavy haul out.  All members are welcome.

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RIP Admiral Bob McClinton

From Stig Osterberg:

Our dear friend, Admiral Bob McClinton, passed away early this afternoon of congestive heart failure. The Admiral was the owner and skipper of the Sequim J-105 “America”, and “Intrepid” and “Weigh to Go” before that. We could always count on him to participate in our Midsummer regatta. Bob was loved and respected by everyone who knew him, and a space as crew on his boat was hard to get as he was such a gifted leader of people.  He had only learned of this heart condition this morning, and had immediately phoned his entire sailing crew to request that they all meet for lunch. He unfortunately died before the gathering.

He was one of a kind, and we will miss him. His leadership and enthusiasm inspired all of us to be better and showed us what a “can do” attitude was all about.

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On Your Mark…

The PTSA race marks are back in the water and ready for the first race on April 3rd.  Some may not know that the marks must be removed every year for the winter lest they accumulate too much fouling and kelp and be washed away in one of our big winter storms.  The marks and rode must also be cleaned and repaired as necessary to be ready for the next season.  James Arsulich, with his trusty Catalina 36 “Nora Mae”, has assumed responsibly for this task over the last several years.  This year he has been ably assisted by Brian Bolling, John Lynes, and Jim Heumann.  The guy actually doing the diving has been Oscar Johnson from Poulsbo.

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New Friday PHRF Race Series

Since a number of the boats in the PHRF fleet could not make the Wednesday evening races we have added a new series that will run on Fridays starting at 6:15pm.  The first race is 4/5/2019.  All boats are welcome.  If you are not sure what PHRF means and want to know more click here.

And don’t forget the kickoff party this Thursday!

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