Thunderbird NW Regional Results

2015 Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta

BoatSail NumberTotal ScoreFinal Order
BLEW BIRD1144324

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T-Bird Regionals A Big Success

The starting line got crowded with 17 boats fighting for a spot. Photo by Steve Scharf.

The starting line got crowded with 17 boats fighting for a spot. Photo by Steve Scharf.

A total of 17 T-Birds showed up for a really fun weekend of Thunderbird style one-design racing at Fleet 33’s Northwest Regional Regatta. What they got was a big does of fun and a little of everything else: 10 races, aggressive starts, general recalls, sun, rain, fog, big wind, light breezes, a river of current, busy mark roundings, a couple of noisy discussions on what boat was allowed in there, highs, lows, a terrific dinner, a beer or three. Everything you could hope for. A special thanks to all the boats that traveled from more distant points to participate, and Fleet 33 for putting on such a fun event. More info and pics to follow.

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2014 PNW Thunderbird Regionals

Close racing as the Tbirds head downwind. Photo by Piper Dunlap

Close racing as the Tbirds head downwind. Photo by Piper Dunlap

2014 Thunderbird Regional Competition – Port Townsend August 30-31, story by Mike Dotson

Sniffing out the wind…

Port Townsend Bay is an amazing race venue with spectacular views… and consequently a nice place to wait for the wind to blow. And there was breeze! So the eight anxious T-birders had to put away the chips and salsa (thanks to our host), the bubbles, and prepare to race! The wind provided 7 quick, action packed races during the two day Regional competition. There were two boats representing Fleet 2 – SELCHIE and INVADER. The remainder of the boats were from Fleet 13 (1 from Edmonds + 5 Port Townsend).

Despite the forecast we never needed our foulies. And our attentive race committee was poised to sound the horn as soon as a steady breeze filled the bay. THATUNA showed us how “ready” they were, as they sailed to a win in the first race. SELCHIE lead the second race – even while towing a “kelp island” into the leeward mark. But “new-wind” created a “pile-up” at the mark rounding. The quick and patient DORADO avoided the “pile,” sailed clean around the mark, and took a bullet in the second race. The third race started in a northeasterly, but ended in pursuit of a 180 degree down wind shift. The scent of the nearby pulp mill provided a hint. And the local – DORADO, “quick-drawed” their sails to be the first to capture the smelly zephyr. They went on to win the race, and day 1 – DORADO, INVADER, and SELCHIE.

The scent of “pulp-mill” quickly dissipated as we breathed in the delicious aroma of our post-race salmon dinner. The banquet was splendid. Our lovely hostess (Joe’s wife Julie Ann) provided a wine bar, treats, and tasteful decorations for each crews table. The Port Townsend Thunderbird fleet is fun and friendly. The dinner conversations brought everyone together like a big happy T-bird family.


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Heresy! Modify a T-Bird?

Does This Make Sense?

Does This Make Sense?

Down in Australia some kids who didn’t know any better cut the cabin off their T-Bird in an effort to make it more race friendly. Looks pretty good from that aspect but not as comfortable to cruise. Wait a minute, they’re already too fast.

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