25th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta

25th Annual Shipwrights' Regatta, February 27, 2016.

25th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta, February 27, 2016.

25th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta to be held February 27th!
The 2016 sailboat racing season opens with the Port Townsend Shipwrights’ Regatta on February 27th.  A well-loved regional tradition is celebrating its 25th year.   This year we look back and celebrate 25 years of winter sailing, in snow and sleet, gale force to flat calm, Port Townsend Bay has seen it all.  This friendly regatta is sponsored by The Northwest Maritime Center (NWMC), Wooden Boat Foundation (WBF), Port Townsend Sailing Association (PTSA), and Edensaw Woods.  Boats of all construction are welcome.

As always, the race is open to folks who would like to try sailboat racing but do not have a boat.  Non-boat owners are encouraged to show up at the Skippers Meeting and be connected with skippers looking for crew.

Registration forms are currently available at the Chandlery located at the NWMC at 431 Water Street as well as on-line here.  Last-minute registrations will be accepted between 8:00-9:00 am on Saturday February 27th, the Skippers’ Meeting will follow at 9am.  The Skippers’ Meeting will be held upstairs at the NWMC with coffee provided by Sunrise Coffee.  The race starts at 12:00 noon on Port Townsend Bay.  An awards ceremony will be held at approximately 4:00pm upstairs at the NWMC.  Beer and snacks will be provided as well as the usual perpetual awards, laughter, and comradery. A free haul-out will be awarded to two lucky sailors, courtesy of Sea Marine and the Port of Port Townsend.

Please join us in celebrating 25 years of the Shipwrights’ Regatta here in beautiful Port Townsend, WA.

For more information please contact:
Catherine Leporati
Northwest Maritime Center
431 Water St.
Port Townsend, WA 98368
360-385-3628 x 104

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2016 PTSA Schedule Promises Fun Year


The 2016 sailing schedule promises a busy, fun year. The calendar is updated on the site with the exception of several events that are still being scheduled. They will be updated as we know more. If you’d like a paper copy of the schedule you can download a paper copy by clicking here. Sailing on the Bay starts with the Shipwrights Regatta on February 27th.

A couple of events worth noting:

  • The Distance Racing Series is growing with more races to get you out of the Bay. For some of us, the opportunity to sit on a long tack is irresistible. This year’s PTSA long races include Round Smith Island, Round Protection Island, Port-to-Port (a two day race), the Tour de Bay and Bush Point.
  • The PNW T-Bird Regionals are coming back to the Bay. Last year with 17 boats on the line, PTSA’s Fleet 33 set a high standard and this years regatta promises to be even better.
  • A new race, the Ted Pike Memorial regatta. High spirits in honor of our good friend, Ted.
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Schedule Changes to Note


The Sequim Hospice Regatta is actually on September 12th, not the 19th. Changing our calendar to reflect that allowed the start date of the PTSA Fall Nitecap series to be moved up to Sunday, September 20th from the 27th.


Sequim Hospice Regatta – September 12th.

First PTSA 2015 Fall Nitecap race – September 20th.

and, remember…

Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta – Sept 5th and 6th 2015

The Thunderbird regionals will once again be held on Port Townsend Bay.  We can look forward to two days of exciting racing and a tasty dinner at the Pope Marine building at 6pm on Saturday.  This fun event will provide the opportunity for us in Port Townsend to meet some new TBird sailors and test our skills against boats from other parts of the northwest.

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Monday Sailracing Seminar Update

Here is an update on the upcoming sail racing seminars

–  First meeting will be on December 15 from 6-8 pm.

– The meeting will be located at the NW Maritime Center, an upstairs class room located over the shop.

– The seminars will continue to meet every other Monday until we run out of topics.

– Please review issue #128 of Speed and Smarts covering Starting Strategies and Tactics. Get ready to participate.

It should be an exciting extension of our sail racing season.

See you there!

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Another Great Year for PTSA

The sun sets on the 2014 PTSA sailing season. Image lifted from the http://bethandcodylivethedream.blogspot.com/ site.

The sun sets on the 2014 PTSA sailing season. Image lifted from the http://bethandcodylivethedream.blogspot.com/ site.

Hope you had your share of Port Townsend Sailing Association fun on the water in 2014. Only a couple of months until the Shipwrights starts up the 2015 season, and don’t forget the year end awards party and dinner on Thursday, November 13th.

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Skipper and Crew Season Kick-Off Party

It won't be a party without you because they won't be there.

It won’t be a party without you because they won’t be there.

The 2014 Season Kick-Off Party for Skippers and Crew will be on Thursday, April 3rd at 6PM at the Northwest Maritime Center.

Beer, info and fun.

Get ready for the first race of the year on Friday

by getting in the spirit on Thursday.

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Race Committee Releases 2014 Sailing Instructions

Dave Burrows and our hard working race committee have released the 2014 season race documents. As always there are a number of changes and clarifications. Now’s the time to take a look.

Among other changes the following was added for Weather Cancellations –


If the NOAA forecast contains Gale Warnings for Admiralty Inlet covering race time that race is automatically cancelled.  Small Craft Warnings will be considered on a case by case basis.  If the race is cancelled an “A” flag will be displayed on the picnic table in front of the Yard Office at the Boat Haven.”

Updated 2014 Sailing Instructions (PDF)

Marks and their Labels (PDF)

Revised Starting Sequence, Signals and Flags (PDF)

PTSA mark chart (JPG)

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