The Sequim Hospice Regatta is actually on September 12th, not the 19th. Changing our calendar to reflect that allowed the start date of the PTSA Fall Nitecap series to be moved up to Sunday, September 20th from the 27th.


Sequim Hospice Regatta – September 12th.

First PTSA 2015 Fall Nitecap race – September 20th.

and, remember…

Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta – Sept 5th and 6th 2015

The Thunderbird regionals will once again be held on Port Townsend Bay.  We can look forward to two days of exciting racing and a tasty dinner at the Pope Marine building at 6pm on Saturday.  This fun event will provide the opportunity for us in Port Townsend to meet some new TBird sailors and test our skills against boats from other parts of the northwest.