A record of the minutes of PTSA board meetings.

March 10, 2020 – Board Meeting Minutes

Attending – Jim H, Holly, Heidi, David B, Dr. Scharf, Jeff G., Stig, John L., John B, Roland, Jim Maupin, Ace Sprague, Sean Rankins, Adam Henley

  1. Kickoff party – 3/19, 6PM, Smaller scale, no potluck, beer & wine, Cotton Bldg, Alyce willing to organize a sailing demo, talk about how people can get involved
  2. Whitecap Series – Posters needs to go out to marinas, sponsors, other prominent locations, Weds & Friday – Jim M available to be committee boat on Fridays
  3. Chuck Skewes talk – not pursuing for now, consider for fall
  4. Marks – Doug took care of (THANK YOU!), need more nylon rope in 2021, particpating boats may be willing to set marks (Sean R)
  5. Race committee / Boat – 
  6. Review of David’s sailing instructions – Comments:
    1. Interest in Weds night races having both long & short races, 3 max, short races = 1-2 miles, 1st leg longest leg
    2. Friday’s – listen to the win in terms of course, no green can, longer legs / out to Fort Worden nice
    3. Multiple races marked with # in front of races changed to + sign
  7. Learn to Race class – 
    1. Samuel teaching, Alyce can too, Piper has been asked
    2. 4 sessions – 5/2&3 Weekend, 6/13, 7/11 & 8/1
    3. Facebook
    4. Instruction – maybe Stig, Jeff G.,
    5. Entree to races after classes – Dr Steve, Blackbird associates, getting people out sailing, Kolus & Jaunty on Wednesdays sorted, need boat manager for each. Dr. S and Ace to pursue.
  8. 6 Meter regatta – June 13 & 14
    1. Lipton Cup in Port Townsend
    2. 12-14 boats already committed
    3. 7 races to qualify for 5
    4. Flotilla in the Boat Haven
    5. Participate in Wednesday races, not in Spring, after CMR
    6. 2 or more boats and you can have your own start
    7. May need committee / mark set boat, potentially HSST could help
    8. May be possibilities for crew
  9. CMR
    1. If you consider yourself classic COME!
    2. Poster next week, Anyone have a great picture from last year?
      1. Ask Nick Reid, ask Sockeye skipper – Karl
      2. Ask Nick re: this year
    3. Doug / others ready to reach out to boats
  10. Safety – Distance races
    1. US Sailing recs – life jackets, life sling, FA kits
    2. Adopt an applicable / similar races requirements – Sloop Tavern Yacht Club
    3. Steve moves that we require certain level of safety. Discussion:
      1. Assess PIYA requirements for each race
      2. ‘Skipper responsible for the safety of vessel and crew’
      3. Differentiate between races & cruises
        1. Potentially call distance races ‘cruises’
      4. Roland willing to review PIYA Coastal category for our ‘cruises’
  11. Treasurers report
    1. Balance $1460
    2. Mostly skippers, need more crew
  12. Next meeting – Second Tuesday in April

Port Townsend Sailing Association

Board Meeting Minutes – February 11, 2020

Attending: Jim Heumann, Steven Scharf, John Lynes, Holly Kays, Heidi Eisenhour, Doug Jones, Piper Dunlap

  • Calendar – 
    • schedule all on website, Fridays are multi-leg open, Weds are windward leeward, question about August only has two races,
  • Winter Education – 
    • Stig reaching out to Ulmann Sails, Chuck Skewes – potentially March 5 or 12
    • Teaching / talking about: How to Bail? Intimidation re:  sailing / racing?
    • Need for another intro to racing class – preferably in the Spring
  • Kickoff party – March 19
    • At Cotton Building, potluck
    • PTHS sailing team does indoor demonstration on racing rules
      • Have audience ask questions and HSST perform the answer
    • Get Rules of the Road books for attendees
    • Entertainment – Chris willing to help, maybe Bertram
    • Market at Shipwrights Regatta 
  • Committee boat update (Steve)
    • Want at least 3 people on board to help Dave with number crunching
      • Angela
      • Bill
    • Would prefer electric power
    • Dan Guenther
  • Marks – 3, YIC, Indian Point
    • Diver secured
    • By April 1st
    • Doug will work with Steve, take Erik to assess situation
    • Jim Maupin to help?
  • Clubhouse use (John)
    • Fridays
    • Use for PHRF fleet building
    • Invite NWMC staff and board at some point
    • Port wants to park trailers there during halibut opening, etc
  • Date for End of Season Party
    • After Round-the-County
    • November 5th or 12th – we prefer 12th but don’t want to overlap with PTMTA
  • Race Committee – Jim Maupin
    • Invite to board
    • Working with Myron for Shipwrights
  • CMR & Shipwrights Regatta (2/29)
    • Myron & Jim co-PRO
    • Ms J will be available
    • Jim wants to speak at Shipwrights
  • T-Birds
    • Steve may have trailer we can use most of the time
      • Heidi to check with Robin
  • 6-Meter Lipton – June 13th and 14th
    • Adam Henley requested we host
    • Have PRO and Committee boat
    • Need to ask insurance company, or Jim Maupin
    • Need to be listed on “Notice of Race” and “Race Instructions”
    • Wilinglng to make a donation
  • Treasurers report (John)
    • John distributed, balance ~$1200
  • Next meeting March 10

PTSA Board Meeting 10 Dec 2019 Minutes


Jim Heumann, Steve Scharf, Stig Osterberg, Heidi Eisenhour, John Bayley, Doug Jones, John Lynes, David Burrows, Holly Kays, Roland, Jeff Brantley, Dan Ginther


● Reviewed 2020 Board elected:

○ President and Webmaster: Jim Heumann

○ Vice President / Scribe: Heidi Eisenhour

○ Secretary: Steve Scharf

○ Treasurer: John Lynes

At-large Board Members:

○ Dave Burrows (Race Committee Chairman)

○ Piper Dunlap

○ Stig Osterberg

○ Doug Jones

○ Holly Kays

○ John Bailey

○ Joe Daubenberger

○ Brian Bolling (permits)

○ Big James Arlsuch (race marks)

● Presidents report

○ Jim has been talking with members of the community. Hearing interest in more ‘fun’ races. What does that mean? First to finish? Remove pressure of competition, PHRF ratings – just get people out on the bay. Conversation around ratings being both an obstacle and attraction for sailors.

○ Discussion re: building the email list

● Racing Calendar

○ Regular Weekly Series

■ Frostbite series – Starting Jan 4, openhouse at container kickoff

● Saturdays through March

■ Two series in spring – Friday focused on PHRF (Random Leg Courses), Weds focused on T-Birds (Windward / Leeward). When there is a Saturday distance races, there have not been Friday races.

● Fridays (random leg courses) start in April and go through May.

○ April 3 – May 15 (7 races)

● Wednesdays (windward / leeward) – April to August monthly 4

race series

○ Discussion of long windward legs at the start of races being beneficial.

○ Possibility: T-Bird crews each adopt on race to assist Dave with race official duties.

■ Fall series – Sept 19 to end of October

■ Boats that show up have handicaps assigned on the spot per Dave

■ Dave needs scorekeeper – High School Sailing Team idea!!

■ Possibility: Monthly “fun” regatta, kickoff with February Shipwrights.

● Parties after at the container

■ Committee boat obtained – Ms J – 28’, 8’ wide

● Interest from people in running the boat

● Costs for insurance, moorage

● Steve committed for a year

● Martin Mills might be willing to help, Dr. Barry’s son

● In Boat Haven for now

○ Distance Races

■ Discussed

● 2 in Spring, 2 in Fall

● Weekend races

● Longer races have interest

● Potential May 30 – Race to East

● Special Races to consider – Tour de Bay

● Sailing party in Kilisut harbor!

■ Draft dates discussed and KNOWN dates:

● February – Shipwrights

● February 12 – High School Sailing team starts

● April 11 – DISTANCE – Smith

● May 9 – DISTANCE – Protection

● May 23/24 – Swiftsure

● June 6/7 – CMR

● June 12/13 – 505 Regatta here

● June 13 – 6 Meter Race here

● June 20 – SOLSTICE DISTANCE – Watmough

○ Day race

○ Race back

● July 11 – Possible: Kilisut rendevous + optional pajama party!

● August 22 – Ted Pike Race

● September 5-6 – T-Bird regionals

● September 26 – Bush Point, PM start

● Social – Clubhouse / shipping container

■ January 4 – Container kickoff party – Stew, hot cider

● Race start at Noon

● Other topics

○ Communications

■ Need a communications manager … to handle:

● Leader will post dates of races and results

● Create flyers and post at tops of docks, etc

● Community calendar on KPTZ

● 48N – SARC

● Need poster

● Working waterfront

● NWMC email newsletter, etc

● Wooden Boat Magazine

○ Educational events

■ Talk from the owner of Quantum Sails/Ulman – Stig

○ Insurance

■ Heidi promises to talk to Jim Maupin

○ Subcommittees

■ Committee boat

● Stig, Jeff

■ T-Bird

● Steve

○ Next board meeting – January 7 at NWMC

○ Other

■ Pacifica willing to do rabbit starts for distance races or Friday nights if needed

■ Overboard pylons to throw over MOB in windy races would be nice, but are expensive

Meeting adjourned 8:12.

PTSA Board Meeting 18 Sept 2019 Minutes

  • Attendees: Steve Scharf, Piper Dunlap, Jim Heumann, John Lynes, Samuel from the Maritime Center, Dave Burrows, Doug, John Bailey, Jeff Brantley
  • Container/clubhouse
    • Storage – How much to charge? $50/month Steve will be first tenant
    • Painting – Talk to City 
    • Have party after one of the fall races
  • Tour de Bay
    • Put in newsletter 
    • Dave will be on the dock the whole time
    • Promote to tbird fleet
    • Check sailing instructions for M buoy
  • Learn to race class
    • Big response
    • 12 students, full enrollment with with waiting list
    • Alice, Piper, Samuel instructyed
    • 2 hours in class room, the rest in boats
    • High school team was race committee
  • Committee boat
    • Steve is still looking
    • Joe’s boat is one possibility
  • Fall series
    • Dock starts?
    • Two courses?
    • Longer races?
    • Only PHRF
  • Adam Henley will is promoting 6 meter internationals in Spain in 2020 (?)
  • Promote 6 meter class for our Midsummer regatta?
  • The end of year party will be on Thursday November 14th at the Cotton Building

Port Townsend Sailing Association – Board Meeting minutes

Tuesday August 13 at 6pm. At the Maritime Center A/V room

ATT: David B, John L, Jim H, Steve S, Heidi E

Ted Pike Race planning, August 24

  • Need Doug
  • 2 boats signed up – Pacifica & Mabuhay
  • Need to further promote:
  • Put in another newsletter, ask NWMC comms to put in e-news
  • Race start at Fort Worden
  • No food considerations, bring rum


  • Ted Pike Race
  • T-Birds – Int’ls WIN, Regionals coming
  • Intro to racing


  • $70/year for Smug Mug site for photo storage – Decided: get rid of it
  • Report from the T-bird internationals
  • Raven won! Go hometown team!!

T-bird regionals planning

  • Labor Day weekend
  • Up to 15 boats – 11 signed up, 2 loaner boats (Kolus + ), + bus & Dorado
  • Need for 3 loaner boats, have 2

Helpers – imported race committee

  • Need food for Race Committee – Angie? John will reach out, Steve will do if she won’t

Shipping container – Lease with Port of Port Townsend

  • We have draft lease, Need Jim signature
  • Have Roland & insurance review
  • Site prep – gravel pad, shelving, policy for storage Access –

Committee boat discussion

  • Ideal under 25’ committee boat
  • Jazz / Miss J – 25 – 30’ Trawler
  • Trailerable, needs mast and a few stantions
  • Can we park near shipping container?? Ask Port
  • Dennis Canty has a 19’ CDory

Need off season review of Insurance / lease / coverage, etc

Port Townsend Sailing Association – Board Meeting 

Minutes Date: July 9, 2019 Location: Northwest Maritime Center

Attending: Dave B., Doug J., John B., John L., Stig, Piper, Jim H., Steve S., Heidi, Bill B., Roland

Old Business:

PHRF – Discussion: 

  • How to get regional boats to distance races – especially Ted Pike Race coming up August 24. Doug is lead for this race. Steve offered to help. Need to promote!
  • PHRF Race series – Weds are harder for PHRF fleet and a second race on Friday’s hard for Race Committee. Decided to stick with Weds and have a second longer course for PHRF fleet if those boats show up. 
  • It was noted that the fall series is on Saturday (not Wednesday) so it should be equally attractive to T Birds and PHRF.

Clubhouse – Discussion: NWMC good for board meetings, couple of big events a year. Desire for location in Boat Haven for post-race festivities. PTYC would be good! Action: Jim Doug Jones will follow up with the Port Townsend Yacht Club re: using the YC for these smaller events. One question – can we have a BBQ there?

Treasurer’s Report – John Lyons, serving as Treasurer, reported that the bank account balance is $3700. $1000 is earmarked for youth activities. Discussion of annual revenue and expenses. Known expenses are insurance and running races (marks, etc) about $800 each. Revenue is largely from memberships at about $2K annually. About $500 comes from miscellaneous donations. Averages of 25 skipper level members and 10 crew.

Review of upcoming racing – Discussion of need to promote races regularly. Action: Agreed that a monthly email to email list would be a good start. Jim H agreed to make sure this happens. Discussed that they should include – races schedule for next month, race results, membership appeals, board meeting notices / minutes

Maritime Center racing – Action: Piper, Samuel Swenson & Alyce Flanagan (NWMC staff) are working on an adult learn to race curriculum for an October pilot of this course.

New Business:

Discussion of needed functions at the club

Assignments accepted:

  • Race Committee – Dave B, Bill B has been helping and will continue & Committee Boat – Joe D. offered at last meeting, Piper to follow up. Angela Bradley has been doing RC food.
  • Design work – Steve will do
  • Minutes and Membership – Heidi will serve in this role with Steve’s help
  • Reporter / writer – Roland offered to do, focus on the next few months of activity

Still need help for:

  • On the Water, Photographer / image organizer

Board members elected – Action: Doug Jones was added to the board – with acknowledgement that he provides great representation for the PHRF fleet – Unanimously.

Mark Boat – Action: Dennis Canty has offered PTSA a rib w/o a trailer. We discussed and agreed we should take him up on his offer.