A record of the minutes of PTSA board meetings.

PTSA Board Meeting 18 Sept 2019 Minutes

  • Attendees: Steve Scharf, Piper Dunlap, Jim Heumann, John Lynes, Samuel from the Maritime Center, Dave Burrows, Doug, John Bailey, Jeff Brantley
  • Container/clubhouse
    • Storage – How much to charge? $50/month Steve will be first tenant
    • Painting – Talk to City 
    • Have party after one of the fall races
  • Tour de Bay
    • Put in newsletter 
    • Dave will be on the dock the whole time
    • Promote to tbird fleet
    • Check sailing instructions for M buoy
  • Learn to race class
    • Big response
    • 12 students, full enrollment with with waiting list
    • Alice, Piper, Samuel instructyed
    • 2 hours in class room, the rest in boats
    • High school team was race committee
  • Committee boat
    • Steve is still looking
    • Joe’s boat is one possibility
  • Fall series
    • Dock starts?
    • Two courses?
    • Longer races?
    • Only PHRF
  • Adam Henley will is promoting 6 meter internationals in Spain in 2020 (?)
  • Promote 6 meter class for our Midsummer regatta?
  • The end of year party will be on Thursday November 14th at the Cotton Building

Port Townsend Sailing Association – Board Meeting minutes

Tuesday August 13 at 6pm. At the Maritime Center A/V room

ATT: David B, John L, Jim H, Steve S, Heidi E

Ted Pike Race planning, August 24

  • Need Doug
  • 2 boats signed up – Pacifica & Mabuhay
  • Need to further promote:
  • Put in another newsletter, ask NWMC comms to put in e-news
  • Race start at Fort Worden
  • No food considerations, bring rum


  • Ted Pike Race
  • T-Birds – Int’ls WIN, Regionals coming
  • Intro to racing


  • $70/year for Smug Mug site for photo storage – Decided: get rid of it
  • Report from the T-bird internationals
  • Raven won! Go hometown team!!

T-bird regionals planning

  • Labor Day weekend
  • Up to 15 boats – 11 signed up, 2 loaner boats (Kolus + ), + bus & Dorado
  • Need for 3 loaner boats, have 2

Helpers – imported race committee

  • Need food for Race Committee – Angie? John will reach out, Steve will do if she won’t

Shipping container – Lease with Port of Port Townsend

  • We have draft lease, Need Jim signature
  • Have Roland & insurance review
  • Site prep – gravel pad, shelving, policy for storage Access –

Committee boat discussion

  • Ideal under 25’ committee boat
  • Jazz / Miss J – 25 – 30’ Trawler
  • Trailerable, needs mast and a few stantions
  • Can we park near shipping container?? Ask Port
  • Dennis Canty has a 19’ CDory

Need off season review of Insurance / lease / coverage, etc

Port Townsend Sailing Association – Board Meeting 

Minutes Date: July 9, 2019 Location: Northwest Maritime Center

Attending: Dave B., Doug J., John B., John L., Stig, Piper, Jim H., Steve S., Heidi, Bill B., Roland

Old Business:

PHRF – Discussion: 

  • How to get regional boats to distance races – especially Ted Pike Race coming up August 24. Doug is lead for this race. Steve offered to help. Need to promote!
  • PHRF Race series – Weds are harder for PHRF fleet and a second race on Friday’s hard for Race Committee. Decided to stick with Weds and have a second longer course for PHRF fleet if those boats show up. 
  • It was noted that the fall series is on Saturday (not Wednesday) so it should be equally attractive to T Birds and PHRF.

Clubhouse – Discussion: NWMC good for board meetings, couple of big events a year. Desire for location in Boat Haven for post-race festivities. PTYC would be good! Action: Jim Doug Jones will follow up with the Port Townsend Yacht Club re: using the YC for these smaller events. One question – can we have a BBQ there?

Treasurer’s Report – John Lyons, serving as Treasurer, reported that the bank account balance is $3700. $1000 is earmarked for youth activities. Discussion of annual revenue and expenses. Known expenses are insurance and running races (marks, etc) about $800 each. Revenue is largely from memberships at about $2K annually. About $500 comes from miscellaneous donations. Averages of 25 skipper level members and 10 crew.

Review of upcoming racing – Discussion of need to promote races regularly. Action: Agreed that a monthly email to email list would be a good start. Jim H agreed to make sure this happens. Discussed that they should include – races schedule for next month, race results, membership appeals, board meeting notices / minutes

Maritime Center racing – Action: Piper, Samuel Swenson & Alyce Flanagan (NWMC staff) are working on an adult learn to race curriculum for an October pilot of this course.

New Business:

Discussion of needed functions at the club

Assignments accepted:

  • Race Committee – Dave B, Bill B has been helping and will continue & Committee Boat – Joe D. offered at last meeting, Piper to follow up. Angela Bradley has been doing RC food.
  • Design work – Steve will do
  • Minutes and Membership – Heidi will serve in this role with Steve’s help
  • Reporter / writer – Roland offered to do, focus on the next few months of activity

Still need help for:

  • On the Water, Photographer / image organizer

Board members elected – Action: Doug Jones was added to the board – with acknowledgement that he provides great representation for the PHRF fleet – Unanimously.

Mark Boat – Action: Dennis Canty has offered PTSA a rib w/o a trailer. We discussed and agreed we should take him up on his offer.