Moorage Increases

Having paid our first moorage bill of 2016 with the imposed increase, it might be timely to read Bertram’s thoughts from the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union blog,

By now you have received in the mail notification of a moorage increase. The mailing neglected to tell you that your total increase is 3.5%. Commissioner Tucker and his inner circle pushed hard for a 5.5% increase but were blocked thanks to Cathy Langley who reminded the Commission that there was already a motion for a 3.5% increase. Cathy’s presence at the meeting shows the great value of attending Port meetings.

The push for rate increase came from the “market rates for moorage” battle cry from the Tucker reelection campaign. If you listen to the hours of audio from the 2015 budget workshops and meetings, you will hear the discussions dominated by Mr. Tucker’s inner circle who wanted the Commission to ignore the Strategic Plan and follow their own agenda. This includes: economic development as the sole commission mandate, maximize profits on port services, ignore regional pricing, define market rates on the basis of the waiting list demands, and raise rates until the waiting list is exhausted.

Two meetings ago I asked Commissioners Tucker and Hanke if indeed their policy on Port Market Rates was to raise moorage rates until there is a significant reduction in the waiting list? They refused to answer (which in my book means yes).

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Port Commissioner Candidate’s Websites

The upcoming race for Port Commissioner features two excellent candidates: Steve Tucker and Diana Talley. We encourage you to learn more about the candidates and intend to give the issues facing the Port and the voters more space as we get closer to the election. As a start, here are the links to the candidates websites. Give them both a look.

The Port Townsend Sailing Association will not be endorsing either candidate.

Diana Talley

Steve Tucker


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Current Status of Port’s Stormwater Response

Post from the Port of Port Townsend website.

Photo from Port of PT website

Photo from Port of PT website

As [the Port of PT has] communicated previously, the Port of Port Townsend is currently in the midst of a Level 3 environmental response to the WA State Department of Ecology. This is the highest level of response, and reflects the serious nature of the level of contaminants entering our stormwater system. Our continued ability to run a boatyard in Port Townsend is dependent on our ability to reduce contaminant levels.

There are two primary issues we are addressing:

  • Cleaning up contamination that has built up over the years
  • Preventing present and future contamination

Cleaning up contamination that has built up over the years

Over the many years of operations at the Port’s Boat Haven facility, contamination has built up to levels that now exceed state standards. The Port has an underground water retention system that stores up to 50,000 gallons of water, in various vaults, in much the same way as a septic tank. When stormwater runs into that tank, solids settle to the bottom. After nearly 20 years of accumulation, that sludge needs to be cleaned. That sounds easy, but it is far from it. Finding a home for the water (which is not free of contaminants) is a complex issue, as is the actual removal of the sludge.

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Doug Lockhart Retires After 31 Years at the Port

From the Port of PT

Doug Lockhart retires after 31 years at the Port of PT

Doug Lockhart retires after 31 years at the Port of PT

After a nearly 31 year career at the Port of Port Townsend, Doug Lockhart is preparing to make his final haul out as Hoist & Yard Manager, retiring at the end of February.

Join us at Doug Lockhart’s Retirement Party!
Friday, February 27, 2015, 4:45 at the Pourhouse.
Snacks and cake. No-Host Bar!

The Port Townsend native got his start in the marine trades with Skookum Marine, building decks and working on bodywork on fiberglass boats. As Skookum’s business began to wind down, Doug learned of an opening at the Port.

Back then, the hiring process was extensive:

“Gus (Gustafson – The Port’s harbormaster) threw the application at me and said ‘you’re hired!’

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Crockette Warns of More Rate Hikes Ahead

From the Director’s Message on the Port of PT website:

…Put bluntly, our current revenue streams and tax receipts are wholly inadequate to fund the long-term maintenance, repair, and replacement of the suite of facilities and equipment we presently operate.

This suggests that we will be required to undertake management responses that may include a combination of all of the following:

– Significantly increasing rates and fees to recoup costs
– Critically evaluating, and where possible cutting, administrative and overhead expenses
– Surplusing non-performing assets that do not advance our central mission of economic development
– Aligning expectations with fiscal realities – be prepared for lower levels of service, and facilities that are functional, not necessarily beautiful.

You can read the entire message here.

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Jefferson County Annual Moorage Tenants Union Meeting

A recent post on the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union website made the assertion that under the current Port of Port Townsend plan for 2015 the monthly moorage fee for a 25′ slip would increase from $182.67 to $203.26, an increase of 11.3%. Are you Interested to know if this computation and the possible reordering of priorities to move the construction of a new boat ramp over a rebuild of C & D docks are in next year’s plan? Ask Bertram Monday night, November 7th.

Annual Moorage Tenants Union Meeting

Monday Nov. 17 7:00 PM

Marina Room, Point Hudson

With the Port of Port Townsend budget coming to a vote in two weeks, you can find out what issues will affect you in the next year.

JC Moorage Tenants Union meeting Agenda:

1. The Port rate increase proposal

2. Pending Infrastructure projects and the priority matrix

3. Boat Haven Restroom renovation

4. The facts behind the boat ramp expansion

THE MARINA ROOM IS LOCATED on the north side of the Shanghai Restaurant.

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Port Proposes Significant Moorage Increases for 2015

Thanks to Bertram and the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union for making this information public on their website.

Port Administration Moorage Rate increase Proposal for 2015

The following is the rate proposal presented to the Commissioners by the Administration (see chart). They want to raise our base rate from $40.00 a month to $58.25 per month. Add Leasehold taxes of 12.84% and that comes to a whopping $20.59 increase in the base rate. This means your rates will go up anywhere from 4.7 to 11.3%, depending on your boat’s size, yet the Administration claims that this rate increase is only 2%. The only way they could possibly justify this would be to make the electric rate of $8.25 MANDATORY, which they are proposing. Evidently, the Port assumes most of us already pay that. However,there are a number of people who do not use electricity, especially in the warmer weather. Plus, in most ports in Western Washington, electricity is an optional deal. Why should we be forced to pay for what we don’t use?

Commissioner Tucker had promised to remove the environmental fee, but the Port is simply converting the $10.00 fee that you are currently paying to part of the permanent moorage fee. It appears that they have been operating as if this surcharge was part of the base rate structure all along. Renaming it and continuing to charge it plus leasehold tax is nothing more than a shell game.

So if you don’t want to be forced to pay the electric fee, or you feel the environmental fee should be eliminated and not hidden in the new fee structure, it’s time to voice your objection to the Commissioners NOW, because they will be voting on this in the next few weeks. Your silence could cost you an extra $247.08 next year.

Port Administration Moorage Rate increase Proposal for 2015

Information thanks to the Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Union
Slip size2014 with taxProposed 2015Annual rate% increase
25 foot182.67203.262439.1211.3%
27 foot199.60220.192642.4210.3%
30 foot224.09244.682936.169.1%
35 foot283.88304.473653.647.3%
40 foot326.78347.374168.446.3%
45 foot381.79402.384828.565.3%
50 foot441.20461.795541.484.7%
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Port Workshop Covering Environmental Fee Wednesday, February 12th

The environmental fee is scheduled to be discussed at the upcoming Port of Port Townsend workshop along with three other issues including the 2015 Port budget. The meeting is scheduled for Wednesday, February 12, 2014, at 9:30 AM at the Commission Building at 333 Benedict St. in PT. The Port Townsend Sailing Association presents this information only for the specific purpose of giving local boaters an opportunity to become more knowledgeable and participate in discussions on this issue.

From a Port release:

“There is more to rescinding a fee than just voting it so.  The ramifications of that decision need to be brought up and discussed.  That requires preparation on the part of the Port staff to clearly identify who is paying how much and what those funds are going toward.  It also requires a discussion of what the negative consequences would be if it were changed. This discussion will begin on Wed 12 at 9:30 in the Commission building on Benedict Street.  You can view the agenda online … prior to the meeting.”

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Jefferson County Moorage Tenants Meeting

Bertram Levy sent this along … jcmtu

Thursday Dec 12th 2013
7:00 PM
Port Townsend Yacht Club
2503 Washington Street

With new Port Commissioners, we have an opportunity for a new dialogue on Port policy. Your attendance is vital for this meeting so we can represent you accurately and with the strength that comes from consensus. There are a number of important issues to discuss including proposed fee increases, the scheduling of C/D dock repairs, and are Port’s strategic choices fair to mortgage tenants?

You can learn more about these issues and the JMTU take on them at their web site.

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Update on Port of Port Townsend Future Plans

We received the following update from Phil Andrus of the PT Moorage Tennants Union with additional comments from Bertram Levy. Note the proposed rate increases in monthly moorage rates for 2013.

Meeting with Steve Tucker and Jim Pivarnik
On September 27 I [Phil Andrus] met with Steve Tucker and Jim Pivarnik, at their request.  Here’s my notes from the meeting.

Jim listed accomplished projects in the Boat Haven:

  •     New electrical transformers on several of the docks
  •     Refloating of parts of C and D docks
  •     Paved and striped parking lot
  •     New 70 ton lift dock

Projects planned for the next two years:
2013 — Repair and upgrading of the commercial dock, including some new pilings, re-floating where needed, and repair of some concrete surfaces on the floats. Cost, $450,000. The work should extend the life of these docks by 15 years.

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