We received the following update from Phil Andrus of the PT Moorage Tennants Union with additional comments from Bertram Levy. Note the proposed rate increases in monthly moorage rates for 2013.

Meeting with Steve Tucker and Jim Pivarnik
On September 27 I [Phil Andrus] met with Steve Tucker and Jim Pivarnik, at their request.  Here’s my notes from the meeting.

Jim listed accomplished projects in the Boat Haven:

  •     New electrical transformers on several of the docks
  •     Refloating of parts of C and D docks
  •     Paved and striped parking lot
  •     New 70 ton lift dock

Projects planned for the next two years:
2013 — Repair and upgrading of the commercial dock, including some new pilings, re-floating where needed, and repair of some concrete surfaces on the floats. Cost, $450,000. The work should extend the life of these docks by 15 years.

2014 — Re-floating of the finger piers on C and D docks, at a cost of $250,000, extending the life of these docks by 15 years.

The Port is working with a contractor who can repair concrete floats, which at one time was thought to be impossible.  This contractor (or possibly another … my notes and memory are unclear) has a technique for securing varied sized plastic floats under docks to level them.

The proposed parking pass system is not going to be implemented anytime soon.

Proposed Rate Increases
Staff is proposing an overall 2.4% moorage rate increase overall, which is less than the 3.1% increase in the CPI.  The increase varies depending on length of slip:

25′    1.97%
27′    2.02%
30′    3.53%
35′    2.20%
40′    2.26%
45′    2.31%
50′    2.36%

The additional revenue raised will be used to replenish the Boat Haven maintenance, repair, and replacement fund, which is currently at $800,000.
Jim suggested that he, Bertram, Steve, and Phil Andrus meet with the new Port finance director regarding this fund when Bertram returns from Argentina.

The rate increase is part of the proposed budget for 2013, which will go to public hearing on October 24.  Budget documents are available in the Port office.

Bertram’s response
Firstly I want to thank you Phil for attending the meeting and making the effort to involve the moorage tenant community.

I am very pleased that the administration and commissioners are pursuing the renovation of the older  Boat Haven facility with the funds designated for that purpose.  We thank them for the effort and the recognition that extending the life of the existing facility is vital until the port is in a strong position to tackle their ultimate replacement

The sinking floats  is a  primary problem and, having seen my own dock (225) partially re-floated with styrofoam this year, agree that this is a valuable approach.

As to resurfacing with concrete, I would caution that this may not work  (especially when the re-bar is oxidized) and would encourage a test dock to see if it is an  lasting solution before taking on the cost of doing a large section.

During the Beck administration, the renovation fund (labeled Boat Haven fund) was established  The initial amount was 250,000 per year and that has progressively been diminishing.  I would encourage the commission to continue to put at least $200,000 each year so that in 2027 when replacement is necessary for the older facility, funds will be there, I realize it won’t cover the cost of replacement but as we found for A  and B docks, the commission was able to use the funds to start the project before securing the loan

I look forward to meeting with the new CFO to discuss further moorage  revenue allocation and future rate adjustments  in the 2014 budget process.