Midsummer Regatta, Saturday, June 20th


Spend the longest day the Swedish way, racing on the Bay.

Skipper’s meeting 9am in the courtyard of the NW Maritime Center

First race starts at 11am.

4 or 5 short course windward/ leeward races.

Dock party and awards ceremony on the end of A/B dock after the races.

Traditional Swedish liquid and culinary treats,

and some tasty chow.

Entry fee only $25 per boat.

…. and a there’s a full day to recover on Sunday.


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Barcott Wednesday Beercans in Full Swing

Ed Barcott signals that PACEMAKER is #1, and in a recent race it certainly was.

Ed Barcott signals that PACEMAKER is #1, and in a recent race it certainly was.

Sailboat racing comes in all shapes and sizes. For some folks only Windward/Leeward courses, mark boats and a scored series will do. For others, the camaraderie of deciding the course with Rob at the picnic table followed by a casual evening wandering around the Bay with friends, making the boat go faster and your life go slower, is exactly the right mixture. The big change for this year is that the picnic table is now across the street from the yard office near the C-dock ramp. Other than that, the meeting to decide the course is still at 5 PM, Rob starts the race off the orange buoy near the entrance to Boat Haven at 6, and the fun never ends.

If you’re looking to give racing your boat a try, or would like to crew some evening, stop by the 5 PM foolishness at the picnic table and introduce yourself.

And watch out for the CAL 33 with the heart painted on the bow. On a windy night it’s pretty hard to keep up with Ed Barcott and PACEMAKER’s pace.

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Spring White-cap Series 2015 – Race 2

Nobody sailing around here can say the wind is predictable, especially this time of the year. Friday was even stranger than usual. At noon it was blowing 25 – 30 mph from the South, but by the time for setting up a race course it had dropped to where there were patches of wind to 5 kts. but the direction was constantly changing from SE to NW and points between. After a long while spent trying to discern a trend, the course was set for SYTF (which turned out to be a good guess for the eventual start). Fifteen minutes before the start the wind pretty much died completely, with the occasional puff coming from random directions. The postponement flag was hoisted with the expectation of having to change the course if the wind came back from yet another direction.

After a 20 min. postponement the fleet was getting restless and there was a hint of a breeze from the NW so the start sequence was begun. As the sequence progressed the wind continued to build to about 6 kts., for a while, then started to soften again and by the time the first boats had rounded the weather mark it was back to light puffs from all directions.

The RC decided to shorten the course and through a combination of flags, horns and Ch 68 managed to spread the message to come straight back over the SF line from the windward mark. This disadvantaged the leading two boats who were nearing the line but well to the right of the course to the finish, however this did not change their finish order. The rest of the fleet was still in the vicinity of the windward mark. The wind continued light and shifty. Boats carrying spinnakers were steadily hardening up as they approached the line then switching to jibs for the last few boat-lengths. Some boats had to actually tack (on a “downwind” leg) to clear the pin and two got carried past the outside of the pin and had to work their way back.

The weather record from the mill, below, shows clearly the difficult conditions encountered during this race. Of particular interest is the wind direction chart during the evening.




Fourteen boats came out for the evening, after the downpour passed. The PHRF fleet was doubled from last week and there were ten T-birds (another record). Mabuhey hasn’t been out for quite a while, welcome back.

For those that have been aggravated for the past year or so by the the broken link on this site to Sailflow (and for those who hadn’t noticed) it has now been corrected.


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Fall Nightcap Series Starts Sunday, September 14th

Nightcap-Series-Logo-150Here we go again, last series of the year, The Fall Nightcap Series, starts Sunday at 12 o’clock noon. This Sunday will be a boat start, somewhere on the Bay. Head out of the marina, look for the committee boat and the pin, go there, have fun.

The days are getting shorter. Better have some fun on the water while you can.


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Skipper looking for Crew

We’ve been having some problems with the Crew Listings so until we straighten it out we’ll just put them up as a post. Here’s an opportunity to get a ride on a very sweetly restored IOR Half Ton for this Saturday’s Shipwright’s Regatta.

Skipper Looking For Crew form has been submitted on Port Townsend
Sailing Association.

Date: 2/13/14

First Name: John

Last Name: Raymond

Phone Number: 3854760

Boat Length and Type, for example 26ft Thunderbird: 30′ IOR Half Ton

Number of Years You’ve Been Racing: 50

I Race: Casually. Winning is nice, but lets keep it fun

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Ever wonder what you look like crossing the finish line?

During this years Summer Cat’s Paw series I was on the city dock helping David Burroughs with race committee duty, and set up my camera to do videos of the finishes. Sure wished the wind was better, as these videos would have been a bit more interesting, but here is the links to five short videos of the fleet finishing. Turn up the sound and you will hear the chatter on the dock and the finish horn.



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