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Mixed PT Fleet Round Pt Hudson Buoy

Photo by Satch Yarbrough

Photo by Satch Yarbrough

So I thought this was an interesting perspective, a World War One fort in the background (Fort Warden) and the schooner ADVENTURESS sailing behind a nuclear sub coming into the bay. I was standing on the bluffs at Fort Flagler, looking back across Port Townsend Bay. Camera is max zoomed, so not the clearest, but hey, this was a very long way away!

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New Equipment / Skill Requirements for Sailboat Racing

So effective March 1st this year there is revised equipment / training requirements, if you venture outside our bay you may run into a club with the checklist below, such as the Swiftsure, Round The County, and other events. Might be a good idea to print out this information and have it around so you can run thru the list before you get inspected. Click the link below to open the file.

Hope you all are getting ready for the Shipwrights Regatta on February 22nd!

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A Treat for the Club

So I have been working on a video that has been posted to Youtube, It was originally a “Super 8” series of movies taken during the 1968 Acapulco race, and the 1963 Transpac race, aboard Ted Pike’s beautiful Annie Too. It is over 50 minutes long, but is pretty epic sailboat racing offshore, Turn up the sound, youtube allowed the audio which is great, and period correct for the most part. The only way to see this video is to use the link, or go to my youtube channel. ( Beercanracer )

Here is the link:

Have fun, and hope everyone had a great sailing season,

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Ever wonder what you look like crossing the finish line?

During this years Summer Cat’s Paw series I was on the city dock helping David Burroughs with race committee duty, and set up my camera to do videos of the finishes. Sure wished the wind was better, as these videos would have been a bit more interesting, but here is the links to five short videos of the fleet finishing. Turn up the sound and you will hear the chatter on the dock and the finish horn.



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How to get a new crew up to speed on your boat



So frequently we are faced with new crew coming on board. What do you do to introduce them to your boat? Or do you just tell them to watch every one and try to ketch on to what is happening during the race? Or spend a hour or more at the dock before time to go, showing them the ropes. Why not have a hand out ready for them that introduces your boat controls and what racing is all about? Better yet, get that information to them before they show up on race day, and then have a bit of time to answer any questions they came up with after studying that handout’s information, and give them a chance to be a active crewmember, if you do I suspect you will better spark their interest in coming back for more.
Here is how I address this issue on Step’nAnnie, I recently updated my “Crew Positions 101” handout, here is what it looks like. I believe this system works better than any other methods I have tried in the past.
Crew Positions 101

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Wooden Boat Series race cancelled, rescheduled for this Saturday


So last Saturday’s Wooden Boat Series Race was cancelled due to lack of wind. As usual the bay promptly filled in and we had a good romp on Annie Too. Sure is great to see Sparkle back out and looking So Good.

The last race of the Wooden Boat Series has been Rescheduled to this next Saturday, Aug 24th.

We have moved the start time to 2:00 to try to get some more wind.

So tune up that wooden boat and come out for some fun on the bay!



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Dog Days Races



Just a heads up regarding the Dog Days Races, they are run “Barcott” style, no scores kept.

We have no race committee for these races so whoever has a horn onboard gets to start the race.

The next series, the Fall NiteCap, will have race committee with scores kept and posted, etc.

Enjoy our beautiful bay…


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What’s your boat look like from underwater?

Here is a interesting concept, Roth Diving Services, one of our club sponsors, has set up the ability to do on the spot videos, for inspecting everything from zincs, props, rudders, hulls, anything you may want inspected and captured on video.

I plan a haulout to repaint the bottom on the one week off we have during the Spring Whitecap series. Looks like it is due, as there is some hard growth starting in some places, not exactly a race ready bottom! If you would like Mike Roth to do a video inspection, his contact information is on the scrolling Sponsor banner on this page.

See you on the water…



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How About A Couple of Cruises This Year?

Vince Townrow, Commodore of Port Hadlock Yacht Club is planning a couple of cruises this year and has invited all our members to join in the fun. Here is a lettter I recieved from Vince with the details:

Proposed Weekend Cruises for the 2012 season.

They should be informal and a way to have fun on the water.

Spring and Fall to ensure some sort of weather but not too cold. Reasonably close to Port Hadlock to reduce the logistics. I would plan to invite members of the clubs in Port Townsend and Sequim to join us in the good time.

Hunter Bay on Lopez Island, 2011

Spring Cruise to Hunter Bay

May 5 to Hunter Bay on Lopez Island.

A very pleasant anchorage, well sheltered with great views about 30 miles from the Port Hadlock moorings.  It is situated beyond the west end of Lopez Pass. Suggested that we would arrive around the 1700 hours leaving plenty of time for dinner (Pot Luck?) and socializing. Sunset is 20:30. There is a dock at the entrance of the bay with public parking and allegedly a deli 2.2 miles down the road.

Currents (at least according to C-Map) are the most favorable this weekend in the month. They show a favorable ebb thru the Straits past Point Partridge on Whitbey until midday with a flood to carry us up to Lopez Island till late afternoon. The current through Lopez Pass is favorable until 2000 hours. The return shows favorable current through Lopez Pass until 1300 hours and favorable current past Point Wilson from 1200 to 2000 hours. Now if the wind would cooperate it would be perfect…

In order to generate enthusiasm, challenge and to give the competitive something to do I would propose that the Skippers will publicly state the time they will arrive close aboard R4 situated at the west end of Lopez Pass. The Skipper who most closely achieves the arrival time wins Bragging Rights for the weekend. Perhaps we could find a nice stone on the beach as a trophy? All methods of propulsion are encouraged.

Fall Cruising at the PHYC

September 15 Mackay Harbor on the south side of Lopez Island, A nice reasonably sheltered harbor with a small dock at the north end. There is an excellent store just a short walk up the road. There are also blackberry bushes which hopefully will still be in season. The blackberries will go very nicely with the ice cream from the store.

You can contact Vince at 410-937-4997 or email at:  townrow80@msn.com

Hope to see you out on the water,




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Dialing in Step’nAnnie for Heavy Weather

 So with last Sunday’s race canceled, we took a vote and decided to get a practice session in with some real wind, we stayed out for a couple of hours, and got the boat and crew pretty comfortable. Boat speeds up into the 8 kt range a few times, lots of 7 kt speeds. Good times for sure, and we’re ready for some pressure now. Winds were in the upper 20’s, gusts into the upper 30’s.  Port Townsend Bay is really pretty protected so this was a good opportunity.

  Special thanks to crewmember Charles for bringing the keen video camera. There should be more video’s at YouTube if you would like to see more…
See Ya,


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