Vince Townrow, Commodore of Port Hadlock Yacht Club is planning a couple of cruises this year and has invited all our members to join in the fun. Here is a lettter I recieved from Vince with the details:

Proposed Weekend Cruises for the 2012 season.

They should be informal and a way to have fun on the water.

Spring and Fall to ensure some sort of weather but not too cold. Reasonably close to Port Hadlock to reduce the logistics. I would plan to invite members of the clubs in Port Townsend and Sequim to join us in the good time.

Hunter Bay on Lopez Island, 2011

Spring Cruise to Hunter Bay

May 5 to Hunter Bay on Lopez Island.

A very pleasant anchorage, well sheltered with great views about 30 miles from the Port Hadlock moorings.  It is situated beyond the west end of Lopez Pass. Suggested that we would arrive around the 1700 hours leaving plenty of time for dinner (Pot Luck?) and socializing. Sunset is 20:30. There is a dock at the entrance of the bay with public parking and allegedly a deli 2.2 miles down the road.

Currents (at least according to C-Map) are the most favorable this weekend in the month. They show a favorable ebb thru the Straits past Point Partridge on Whitbey until midday with a flood to carry us up to Lopez Island till late afternoon. The current through Lopez Pass is favorable until 2000 hours. The return shows favorable current through Lopez Pass until 1300 hours and favorable current past Point Wilson from 1200 to 2000 hours. Now if the wind would cooperate it would be perfect…

In order to generate enthusiasm, challenge and to give the competitive something to do I would propose that the Skippers will publicly state the time they will arrive close aboard R4 situated at the west end of Lopez Pass. The Skipper who most closely achieves the arrival time wins Bragging Rights for the weekend. Perhaps we could find a nice stone on the beach as a trophy? All methods of propulsion are encouraged.

Fall Cruising at the PHYC

September 15 Mackay Harbor on the south side of Lopez Island, A nice reasonably sheltered harbor with a small dock at the north end. There is an excellent store just a short walk up the road. There are also blackberry bushes which hopefully will still be in season. The blackberries will go very nicely with the ice cream from the store.

You can contact Vince at 410-937-4997 or email at:

Hope to see you out on the water,