Fall Nightcap Series Starts Sunday, September 14th

Nightcap-Series-Logo-150Here we go again, last series of the year, The Fall Nightcap Series, starts Sunday at 12 o’clock noon. This Sunday will be a boat start, somewhere on the Bay. Head out of the marina, look for the committee boat and the pin, go there, have fun.

The days are getting shorter. Better have some fun on the water while you can.


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Skipper’s Meeting, Thursday the 28th, NWMC

Bar opens around 6 upstairs at the Maritime Center, meeting starts at 6:30. As part of the meeting we’ll be talking about on the water safety, and part of that discussion will be crew overboard rescue. The story we heard was that the most popular crew overboard rescue device – the LifeSling – was developed initially in PT and then in Seattle. Here’s a video reminder of how to use the LifeSling that’s probably sitting on the stern pulpit of your boat. Good video and worth your time to watch.

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Saving Sailing, What’s Changed?

The board of the PTSA, like sailing organization boards all over, is trying to figure out how to attract more folks to come out on the water and join us. This spring we’ll be putting up a number of voices that address this issue. This first post is from a saving sailing post by “Glenn McCarthy” on Sailing Anarchy.

Med_E150The first thing everyone needs to understand are the numbers.  In 1970, 25.5M people in the U.S. said they went sailing one day or more.  In 2010 the number was 2.5M.  When accounting for population growth, this means that 6% of people are sailing today that did 40 years ago.  The curve is steady and the economy has not had much influence on the curve.  When you plot this out on paper, you can put a fork in the sport of sailing in 10-15 years at the current rate.

The second thing to understand is that if we keep doing what we’re doing today, we should expect less participation this year and each year following as long as we don’t start making major changes.

So is there one magic bullet to fix this?  What were we doing 40 years ago that we aren’t doing today?  Every aspect of this sport needs to be questioned and compared to 40 years ago.  In my Regional Sailing Association, I have written for over a year on what needs to be done (and I have a lot more to write about).  It is easier to break it down into parts:

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Thanks, Myron

Myron Gauger, photo by Wendy Feltham

Much of the success of the PTSA in the last couple of years is due to the hard work of our Race Committee. We are grateful for everyone’s efforts but special mention has to go to the RC Chairman, Myron Gauger, who has set a standard that will be hard to match. Myron needs to throttle back his involvement but we will always be thankful for all he has contributed to our sailing community and for all the work he has put in.

Thanks, Myron, you’ll be missed.

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West Marine Donates New PTSA Race Mark

Dan from West Marine showing off the new PTSA race mark that West Marine donated.

PTSA is proud to announce that West Marine of Port Townsend recently become a sponsor to our events, by donating all the ground tackle and buoy for the replacement of the missing mark “Y,”( which should be in by the summer series.) This is no small donation, as the cost of the replacement ground tackle exceeds $500.00.

The Staff at the P.T. West Marine has been busy updating inventory, and if you have not been in lately be sure to check it out. They have added lots of new cordage, including Endura Braid, and Technora T900 that will be in soon. There is a expanded Harken section, a new selection of winch handles, and they have expanded the wire rope department. There is also a new area with a nice selection of handheld VHF radio’s.

It’s fair to say this local store is trying real hard to get our attention by leaning more into the sailing arena with products and donations. I  hope we all make a point to stop in and say “thank you” and to support their business as well.

Fair Sailing, Satch

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Race Committee Introductory Meeting, February 11th

Racing On PT Bay Can’t Start

Without You!

Come meet the Port Townsend Sailing Association Race Committee at the NW Maritime Center classroom at 6:30 pm on February 11th for a Race Committee Introductory Meeting.  You’ll learn what the Race Committee does, how it does it’s work, why it is so key to racing on our Bay, and how you can get in on the fun. Refreshments will be provided.

Members of the PTSA Race Committee spend regular time on one of America’s most spectacular Bays surrounded by of some of the most beautiful sailboats in the country. Now you can be part of the crew.

For more information call Kathy Grace at 301-4938


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New Forum Is Waiting For You

Give the new PTSA Forum a Try

The new PTSA Forum is online and waiting for you to give it a try. We’re going to open it up to PTSA members and folks from the Port Townsend boating community. That may have to change in the future if the spam avalanche hits, but until then we hope all Port Townsend boaters will join in.

To post on the Forum just click the Forum link on the site’s top bar as shown in the picture above. When you get to the Forum page click “Post New” and you’ll be taken to the registration function. It’s easy. Really.

Once you have registered you can start a new topic or if you want to give the new Forum a try, there’s a “Post Here First” topic. Click on the topic name and then click “Add Reply.”

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