Dan from West Marine showing off the new PTSA race mark that West Marine donated.

PTSA is proud to announce that West Marine of Port Townsend recently become a sponsor to our events, by donating all the ground tackle and buoy for the replacement of the missing mark “Y,”( which should be in by the summer series.) This is no small donation, as the cost of the replacement ground tackle exceeds $500.00.

The Staff at the P.T. West Marine has been busy updating inventory, and if you have not been in lately be sure to check it out. They have added lots of new cordage, including Endura Braid, and Technora T900 that will be in soon. There is a expanded Harken section, a new selection of winch handles, and they have expanded the wire rope department. There is also a new area with a nice selection of handheld VHF radio’s.

It’s fair to say this local store is trying real hard to get our attention by leaning more into the sailing arena with products and donations. I  hope we all make a point to stop in and say “thank you” and to support their business as well.

Fair Sailing, Satch