So frequently we are faced with new crew coming on board. What do you do to introduce them to your boat? Or do you just tell them to watch every one and try to ketch on to what is happening during the race? Or spend a hour or more at the dock before time to go, showing them the ropes. Why not have a hand out ready for them that introduces your boat controls and what racing is all about? Better yet, get that information to them before they show up on race day, and then have a bit of time to answer any questions they came up with after studying that handout’s information, and give them a chance to be a active crewmember, if you do I suspect you will better spark their interest in coming back for more.
Here is how I address this issue on Step’nAnnie, I recently updated my “Crew Positions 101” handout, here is what it looks like. I believe this system works better than any other methods I have tried in the past.
Crew Positions 101