Bertram Levy’s Murrelet: The Wooden Boat Tradition is Alive and Well in Port Townsend

By Roland Nikles

Port Townsend, Washington, is proud of its wooden boat tradition. At the twilight of the commercial sailing era it was a bustling seaport, strategically located at the entrance to Puget Sound. Shipyards, boatwrights, foundries, shipping agents, a majestic customs house on the hill, and a busy waterfront have left their mark. Today Port Townsend identifies as a Victorian sea-port and arts community. The wooden boat tradition has shifted from the utilitarian to the aesthetic. 


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Racing Friday, Saturday, and Sunday (June 3rd, 4th, 5th, 2016)

The PTSA summer Catspaw series starts this Friday June 2nd.  The race begins at 6pm.

On Saturday and Sunday racing in the Northwest Maritime Center Classic Mariners Regatta gets underway at noon each day.   There are several social events associated with the regatta.  See all the details about signup, skippers meeting and parties at the regatta web page.

The weather looks like it is going to be great on all three days.  There are no excuses not to get out there and have some fun on the race course.

And don’t forget there is lots more great racing coming up this summer.  See the PTSA calendar for details.


October 11th PTSA Fall Nightcap Races Canceled

There will be no races held on October 11th so that PTSA members can attend the memorial service for Ted Pike, scheduled from 2pm to 5pm on Sunday, October 11th, at the NW Maritime Center. Ted was an extraordinary mariner, and an extraordinary friend. No one had a better smile or gave it so often, or freely. Below is lovely remembrance of Ted by Anna Nasset in Three Sheets Northwest.

Ted in a PT11. Photo from the Port Townsend Watercraft blog, photo by Ashlyn Ecelberger Brown

Ted in a PT11. Photo from the Port Townsend Watercraft blog, photo by Ashlyn Ecelberger Brown

On Monday, August 24, there were more tears on the docks of Port Townsend than the bay could possibly hold due to the passing of our beloved Ted Pike. Following a sudden illness, Edwin “Ted” Bertram Pike III passed on to other seas at the age of 65 (born January 25, 1950) surrounded by family and loved ones.

There are some lives that are impossible to sum up in words, and Ted’s is one of them. His reach was as vast as his love and zest for life. There is a giant “Ted” shaped hole in the hearts of thousands. I will try to honor our dear friend — the great ancient mariner, mentor, father, husband, friend and best hugger in the world — in all his glory.

Born in Berkeley, California to Edwin Bertram Pike, Jr. and Jane Parrish Pike, Ted was raised in Marin County and Lake Tahoe, California. Even as a young boy, his sisters remember how other children were drawn to Ted, gathering around him as he told stories, thus beginning a lifetime and legacy of being a great and grand storyteller to all he met. He had the unique ability of conveying experiences and tales with an almost childlike delight, yet layered into them great life lessons. Ted was the master of ceremonies for countless regattas over the years, the person to speak at funerals and memorials, a spokesmen for multiple companies, the person who could stand up in front of any amount of people in a situation that may be full of grief, or at great celebrations. He was THE person that could hold that space. This gift he had left an impact that spread through the many people Ted met in his lifetime.

Often Ted’s tales revealed his adventures throughout life. In the early years, Ted traveled throughout the U.S., Europe and Eastern Asia.

story continues here

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MARTHA Gearing up for Monday Transpac Start

Ted Pike made the journey from Port Townsend to visit and sail on MARTHA,  It’s good to see friends from Port Townsend.  Edensaw Woods has been a strong supporter of our endeavors at the Schooner Martha Foundation and we thank them for their support.

Ted Pike made the journey from Port Townsend to visit and sail on MARTHA, It’s good to see friends from Port Townsend. Edensaw Woods has been a strong supporter of our endeavors at the Schooner Martha Foundation and we thank them for their support.

MARTHA is preparing for a San Francisco departure and the crew have all gathered for a Friday evening dinner at the Saint Francis Yacht Club. Special thanks to the Saint Francis for hosting MARTHA the week before our departure for Longbeach.

We find it an interesting fact that as MARTHA and crew prepare,  we are dockside only a few feet from where MARTHA was built in 1907 at the site of W.F. Stone Boatyard.

In addition, inside displayed at the Club are DORADE’s 2013 Transpac Trophies;  so imagine a lovely evening with a perfect view of the bay.  MARTHA’s crew enjoyed a evening of good food,  conversation and laughter warmed by the glow from the venerable Transpac Trophy and photos of the Champion DORADE.

Before we depart we want to warmly thank the various friends, old and new, who have made MARTHA’s visit a memorable one.

The San Francisco Yacht Club, Encinal Yacht Club and Saint Francis Yacht Club, who’s members, staff and Flag Officers have been warm and helpful in celebrating MARTHA’s return visit to the Bay Area.

The clock for the Transpac launch is in countdown mode,  MARTHA and crew are finishing up small projects in preparation for delivery to Long Beach and we will sail out of the Golden Gate on Saturday with a Monday, July 13th start.

The Transpac tracker can be accessed here.

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Don’t Miss Classic Mariners’ Regatta This Weekend



The CMR is Jun 5 th, 6th, & 7th.  Classic, traditional and historic boats of all description come from all around the region for this event.  Unfortunately, On-line Details have been eclipsed on the WBF and NWMC  websites by the R2AK and the Wooden Boat Festival.   CMR details can be found here: .

       There is a rumor, unsubstantiated but worth checking out, that FG T-birds may be allowed to slip in. (though not eligible for awards).

   In spite of what they say – they have in the past accepted late registrations at the skippers’ meeting (with an appropriate sob story).

Let’s all turn out and make one of the best classic regattas in the Northwest another resounding success!

The weather forecast looks great, sunny, 70+ deg. with steady NW winds at 10+ kts. in the pm.


24th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta – February 28, 2015

Post courtesy of the NW Maritime Center

The 2015 season starts February 28th with the Shipwrights' Regatta.

The 2015 season starts February 28th with the Shipwrights’ Regatta.

The sailboat racing season in Port Townsend opens with the Port Townsend Shipwrights’ Regatta in February.

The Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation, in conjunction with the Port Townsend Sailing Association, present the 24th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta! Boats of all construction are welcome.

As always, the race is open to folks who would like to try sailboat racing but do not have a boat. Non-boat owners are encouraged to show up at the Skippers’ Meeting and be connected with skippers looking for crew. Make sure you have appropriate clothing and safety gear for the often challenging conditions that come with a February race on Port Townsend Bay.

Door Prizes! Perpetual Awards! Chance to win a free haul out for two lucky racers!

Boats of all construction & crew without boats welcome.

• Skipper’s Meeting at 9 am at the NWMC
• Complimentary coffee provided by Sunrise Coffee
• Race starts at 12 noon on Port Townsend Bay
• Awards ceremony & refreshments at NWMC following race

Entry fee: $20 before February 15
$25 after February 15
Registrations accepted until 9am on race day

Register early by picking up a form at the NWMC or calling 360.385.3628 x104.

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Port of Port Townsend • Port Townsend Brewing Co. • Sunrise Coffee • Sea Marine

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