The CMR is Jun 5 th, 6th, & 7th.  Classic, traditional and historic boats of all description come from all around the region for this event.  Unfortunately, On-line Details have been eclipsed on the WBF and NWMC  websites by the R2AK and the Wooden Boat Festival.   CMR details can be found here:

http://nwmaritime.org/events/mariners-regatta/ .

       There is a rumor, unsubstantiated but worth checking out, that FG T-birds may be allowed to slip in. (though not eligible for awards).

   In spite of what they say – they have in the past accepted late registrations at the skippers’ meeting (with an appropriate sob story).

Let’s all turn out and make one of the best classic regattas in the Northwest another resounding success!

The weather forecast looks great, sunny, 70+ deg. with steady NW winds at 10+ kts. in the pm.