WBF Shipwright’s Race – 2019

We had a very fortunate weather window for this year’s Shipwright’s Regatta:-  no rain, reasonably steady 11 knot SSE wind, and temperatures soaring into the mid 40’s.

26 boats registered, 20 participated and 18 finished. The course was twice around a roughly 2 mile triangle.


Perpetual Awards

  • -The First Wooden Boat to Start and the First Wooden Boat to Finish. ———- 505, Zaya,
  • -The Last Boat to Finish. —————- Gloucester Gull Dory, Taswens
  • -The Best use of Misspent Energy. (For only managing to start after a few boats had finished the first lap). —————- Stephanie E
  • -The First Boat to Finish in B Class. —————-  Erin.
  • -The Van Hope Community Award for the most pickup crew. ———— Norma Mae.
  • -The very young were left at home so that award went to the Oldest Crew. ————- Erin. (Thanks to Jim Blaiklock)
  • (My apologies for mistaking Taswens and Stephanie E at yesterdays awards.)


Results by Class

A (Racing) Start time 12:05

  1. Zaya ——————-12:39:56
  2. Sir Isaac ————-12:50:46
  3. Lucky —————–12:51:22
  4. Sparkle ————–12:54:07
  5. Tanya Lee ———-13:10:58

B (Cruising) Start time 12:10

  1. Erin ——————- 13:05:00
  2. Norma Mae ——-13:05:45
  3. Ariel of Victoria- 13:11:18
  4. Able —————— 13:12:22
  5. Swell Dancer —- 13:20:19
  6. Noddy ————– 13:37:09
  7. Taswens ———– 13:40:02
  8. Stephanie E —— DNF
  9. Grin ——————-DNF

T-birds Start time 12:15

  1. Raven ————— 13:01:40
  2. Owl —————— 13:02:13
  3. Mabuhay ———- 13:02:33
  4. Thatuna ————13:04:50
  5. Coco Solo ——— 13:04:55
  6. Knot Raven —— 13:05:56
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WBF Shipwright’s Regatta Results

26 th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta – Feb. 25, 2017

 This year’s Shipwright’s was greeted by light southerly breezes.  A long triangular course was set so that if the wind didn’t pick up boats would have a good distance to travel within the 2 hour time limit.  If the wind picked up they could sail the course twice around.  The start was postponed for 20  minutes while  there was  no wind.  The wind remained light so the course was shortened to once around.  This worked out well as the fastest boat finished less than a minute short of one hour, and the slowest boat finished in about an hour and 40 minutes.  Ironically, the wind speed doubled as the last boats were finishing.

Twenty-three boats entered in three classes;-  A: Racing Boats (5),  B: Cruising Boats (10), & C: Thunderbirds (8).  All boats finished.


Perpetual Awards

                                              Half Model Sylvie for first wooden boat to start:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Pegleg for first wooden boat to finish:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Hook for last boat to finish:-   Tarani

                                              Trident for saltiest boat or crew:-    Dorado

                                              Directional Helmet for someone who gets lost or misses a buoy:-    Impossible Dream

                                              Whack-o-meter for best use of misspent energy:-   Sorcerer’s Apprentice

                                              Wire boat for 1st boat to finish in cruising class:-    Carlyn

                                              Van Hope Community Award for largest crew: –    Norma Mae

                                              Free Haul-out for Youngest crew:-   Falkor


Across the line finish times (No handicaps were applied)

                                             Class A:-    Racing  (starting time: 12:20)

                                                                1. Sir Isaac –  13:19:16

                                                                2. Blue Fin – 13:21:52

                                                                3. Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 13:29:01

                                                                4. Lucky – 13:29:07

                                                                5. Andiamo – 13:48:28

                                             Class B:-   Cruising (starting time: 12:25)

                                                                1. Carlyn – 13:40:18

                                                                2. Fiddlehead – 13:41:37

                                                                3. Norma Mae – 13:41:40

                                                                4. Second Wind – 13:41:42

                                                                5. Able – 13:45:55

                                                                6. Flakor – 13:47:40

                                                                7. Impossible Dream – 13:52:07

                                                                8. Jaga – 13:53:49

                                                                9. Tipi Haere – 14:02:06

                                                               10. Tarani – 14:03:07

                                            Class C:-   Thunderbirds (starting time 12:30)

                                                               1. Dorado – 13:25:44

                                                               2. Mabuhay – 13:26:17

                                                               3. Raven – 13:26:46

                                                               4. Boreas – 13:27:18

                                                               5. Blew Bird – 13:27:51

                                                               6. Thatuna – 13:30:05

                                                               7. Caveat – 13:30:20

                                                               8. Knot Raven – 13:30:48

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Wooden Boat Festival – Race Results

2016 Festival: 26’ & Under Class and Thunderbird Race

                                  Boats in Festival:

                                                       1    Kiya               16:10:27      (started 5 minutes after other Festival boats)

                                                       2    Chesuki         16:10:08

                                                       3    Zeta               16:17:19

                                         All non T-Bird boats:  Start time-14:48:00

                                                       1    Habenero      16:03:30

                                                       2    Chesuki         16:10:08

                                                       3    Rascal           16:11:14

                                                       4    Hakum           16:14:11

                                                       5    Zita                16:17:19

                                                       6   Aquavit           16:27:50

                                        Thunderbird Race: Start time-14:53:00

                                                       1    Dorado          16:02:19

                                                      2    Boreas            16:04:13

                                                      3    Caveat            16:06:44

                                                      4    Kiya                16:10:27


                   2016 Schooner Cup Race

                                                   Start time  15:20:00.

                                                        1   Sir Isaac         16:07:18

                                                       2   Martha            16:10:31

                                                       3   Red Jacket     16:14:01

                                                       4   Alcyone          16:15:47

                                                       5   Dirigo II          16:17:39

                                                       6   Grail                16:28:14

                                                       7   Spike Africa    16:30:39

                                                       8   Elsita               16:39:46

                                                       9   Adventuress   16:41:15

                                                      10  Sassafrass      16:42:57

                                                      11  Prudence         16:46:26

                                                            Mycia               DSQ

                                                            Zodiac              DSQ

                                                            Ceredwin         DSQ

                                                            Alice                 DNF

                                                            Mischief           DNS

Due to some inaccurate coordinates, we were unable to determine exact course distance.  It was estimated at about 5 miles.

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Classic Mariners’ Regatta – 2016



Classic boats on the bay

This years CMR was graced with hot sunny weather and good winds which encouraged a good turnout by out of town boats.  As usual the Wooden Boat Foundation were welcoming hosts.   View some photos from the regatta (all taken by Ace Spragg).

On Saturday there were two races around a triangular course set in the inner part of the bay.  The wind was Northwest in the high ‘teens and, except near the windward shore, changes in direction and strength were small and slow.  During the second race there were extended gusts into the low twenties.  The sea did not build significantly.  With such ideal conditions competition was tight, as can be seen from the closeness of many of the finish times.

On Sunday a course was set on the outer part of the bay, extending out towards Point Wilson.  This proved to be very challenging as the wind was light and very variable, generally less than ten knots in the bay, more outside.  This was combined with a strong flood tide which put a premium on local knowledge of the back-eddies and weak spots.  After the start most boats headed for the beach where the current runs Northeastwards but the wind was weaker.  A long tack far into Admiralty Inlet was necessary to weather the Pt Hudson buoy.  The most successful boats continued out into the Inlet in the wind in spite of the current, others tacked in to the beach under the bluffs where both current and wind were weaker.  The run back was fast for the leaders but the wind inside the bay had become very light and variable and a few boats missed the time limit. (more…)

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Classic Mariner’s Regatta

Bertram adjusts the pole. CMR 2015. Photo by Ace Spragg, NW Maritime Center.

Bertram adjusts the pole. CMR 2015. Photo by Ace Spragg, NW Maritime Center.

Only 13 boats participated in this year’s CMR.  It has been suggested that better promotion is needed.

The first course was set in a NE breeze around 7 knots.  As conditions began to deteriorate, it was decided to shorten the course for classes B and Schooners.  With a northerly breeze near town and a southerly breeze on the south side of the Bay, a windless whole formed near Boat Haven and it was feared that no boats would be able to finish in the 2 hour limit.  Fortunately, a NW breeze saved the day and all but two boats finished.

The second race was on that NW wind around 8 to 10, and all boats still participating finished easily.

The long Sunday race went off well despite your’s truly (Myron) setting two marks early in the morning that went away!  One was near Buoy 2, which then became the number 2 mark and the other was the tet near the Fort that was replaced by the one mark still in place–the orange fender.  Annie Too made a great move to go into the inlet while other boats stayed west of the mark.  She had a very significant lead when re-rounding #2 and going back into the Bay, but as the winds weakened, Sparkle took command and factored out a minute ahead of Annie Too.  Classes A and B finished so close together that there was no need to announce any time limits after the first boat of each class finished.

Overall, a beautiful weekend to race.  Thanks to all participants and the many folks who made the event possible.


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Don’t Miss Classic Mariners’ Regatta This Weekend



The CMR is Jun 5 th, 6th, & 7th.  Classic, traditional and historic boats of all description come from all around the region for this event.  Unfortunately, On-line Details have been eclipsed on the WBF and NWMC  websites by the R2AK and the Wooden Boat Festival.   CMR details can be found here:

http://nwmaritime.org/events/mariners-regatta/ .

       There is a rumor, unsubstantiated but worth checking out, that FG T-birds may be allowed to slip in. (though not eligible for awards).

   In spite of what they say – they have in the past accepted late registrations at the skippers’ meeting (with an appropriate sob story).

Let’s all turn out and make one of the best classic regattas in the Northwest another resounding success!

The weather forecast looks great, sunny, 70+ deg. with steady NW winds at 10+ kts. in the pm.


24th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta – February 28, 2015

Post courtesy of the NW Maritime Center

The 2015 season starts February 28th with the Shipwrights' Regatta.

The 2015 season starts February 28th with the Shipwrights’ Regatta.

The sailboat racing season in Port Townsend opens with the Port Townsend Shipwrights’ Regatta in February.

The Northwest Maritime Center & Wooden Boat Foundation, in conjunction with the Port Townsend Sailing Association, present the 24th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta! Boats of all construction are welcome.

As always, the race is open to folks who would like to try sailboat racing but do not have a boat. Non-boat owners are encouraged to show up at the Skippers’ Meeting and be connected with skippers looking for crew. Make sure you have appropriate clothing and safety gear for the often challenging conditions that come with a February race on Port Townsend Bay.

Door Prizes! Perpetual Awards! Chance to win a free haul out for two lucky racers!

Boats of all construction & crew without boats welcome.

• Skipper’s Meeting at 9 am at the NWMC
• Complimentary coffee provided by Sunrise Coffee
• Race starts at 12 noon on Port Townsend Bay
• Awards ceremony & refreshments at NWMC following race

Entry fee: $20 before February 15
$25 after February 15
Registrations accepted until 9am on race day

Register early by picking up a form at the NWMC or calling 360.385.3628 x104.

Special thanks to our sponsors:
Port of Port Townsend • Port Townsend Brewing Co. • Sunrise Coffee • Sea Marine

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Jim Daubenberger and Ed Barcott Awarded Lifetime Achievement Awards

Two of Port Townsend’s most influential sailors, Jim Daubenberger and Ed Barcott, were awarded the Wooden Boat Foundation’s Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 WBF. Port Townsend is often described as a sailor’s town but in more recent times it was not always so. Through their efforts, and the efforts of others they inspired, sailing and sailboat racing continue to flourish on our Bay. Here’s a tribute to Jim Daubenberger from the Port Townsend Leader.

Daubenberger helped launch PT’s modern sailing legacy

Sea Scout lessons Jim Daubenberger gives Sea Scout lessons to young sailors at Port Townsend Boat Haven. The building in the background is the former DeLeo Brothers lumber shed, now the site of the Harborside Motel.

Sea Scout lessons
Jim Daubenberger gives Sea Scout lessons to young sailors at Port Townsend Boat Haven. The building in the background is the former DeLeo Brothers lumber shed, now the site of the Harborside Motel.

Jim “Daubie” Daubenberger’s passion for sailing took him to the water for the first time in 1937, when, at the age of 13, he hatched a plan to sail Discovery Bay in a rented rowboat using his dad’s pup tent for a sail.

There was no Internet and barely any information available about sailing. His sail plan came from a picture he found in the dictionary. Jim gathered the parts for his sailing rig in the family’s backyard and garage. He borrowed some line and his dad’s pup tent, but was not allowed to cut or alter either in any way. He found a couple of poles for a mast and boom.

Then, on a weekend trip to a family picnic spot on Adelma Beach on Discovery Bay, he put his boat together. He lashed the two poles together to make the mast and boom, folded the heavy cotton tent into a triangle and tied it to the makeshift rig, rented a rowboat for a dime and start rowing toward Beckett Point.

Jim rowed upwind until he couldn’t wait any longer, turned the boat downwind, shipped the oars, fixed his sailing rig at the forward thwart, held one of the oars at the transom for a rudder and, reminiscent of a Jack London story, was off on his first sailing adventure. He sailed that day, rowing upwind then sailing downwind, until he was forced to return the boat to the rental stable. That was the beginning of his lifelong love of sailing.

Another sailing opportunity arose in Port Townsend a year or two later. The local Sea Scout Troop acquired a 40-foot Navy launch rigged for sailing as a ketch. Jim was not old enough to join the Sea Scouts, so was not allowed to sail with his friends Bobby Jones and Bob Porter. Undeterred, he spent hours hanging around on the dock with his friends while the boat was being fixed up. Soaking up the paint- and pine-tar-filled atmosphere fueled his fire to learn how to sail.

story continues here

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Classic Mariners Regatta Results

Lovely weekend well spent for the boats that came out for the 2014 edition of the Classic Mariners Regatta. All the classes saw close racing and in more than one there was a one point difference between first and second, and one more point between second and third.

We had good conditions, if a bit spotty on Sunday for the longer race.  27 boats participated.  Because there were only three 6 Meter entries and only 4 T-birds, they got the first start together (though scored as separate classes). There was only one schooner that didn’t want to sail in A class (think MARTHA and LUCKY STAR) so they raced with the B class.  Thus there were 4 starts for 5 classes.

The “inshore” class was a bit problematic since we had two planning dinghies (TRUDY and CHARM) and two non-planning inshore boats (FETCH and FREYA).

The RC Committee’s Choice award was a hard call.  There were no examples of exemplary sportsmanship or mind bending strategies.  We thought about DORADO, since with Daubie’s influence they give a cheer to the RC after every race.  We considered SPARKLE, since they gave a beer to one of the mark boats (and placed first in every A race).  Finally we chose FREYA–excellent sailing, fun attitude and an all woman crew.

In the end, SASKIA II took home first in the Six Meter class by one point over ST. FRANCIS V. SPARKLE, who has been strong all year, took home first in PHRF A. and MYRICA got first in PHRF B by one point over VITO DUMAS (followed by AURA, one point behind for third). No surprise in T-Birds where DORADO was the winner, and CHARM won the inshore class.

There was also a memorial flag this year for Don Haviland, one of the PTSA’s founders and a long time wooden boat stalwart.  It will be at his memorial service. Full results follow the break.


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