WBF Shipwright’s Race – 2019

We had a very fortunate weather window for this year’s Shipwright’s Regatta:-  no rain, reasonably steady 11 knot SSE wind, and temperatures soaring into the mid 40’s.

26 boats registered, 20 participated and 18 finished. The course was twice around a roughly 2 mile triangle.


Perpetual Awards

  • -The First Wooden Boat to Start and the First Wooden Boat to Finish. ———- 505, Zaya,
  • -The Last Boat to Finish. —————- Gloucester Gull Dory, Taswens
  • -The Best use of Misspent Energy. (For only managing to start after a few boats had finished the first lap). —————- Stephanie E
  • -The First Boat to Finish in B Class. —————-  Erin.
  • -The Van Hope Community Award for the most pickup crew. ———— Norma Mae.
  • -The very young were left at home so that award went to the Oldest Crew. ————- Erin. (Thanks to Jim Blaiklock)
  • (My apologies for mistaking Taswens and Stephanie E at yesterdays awards.)


Results by Class

A (Racing) Start time 12:05

  1. Zaya ——————-12:39:56
  2. Sir Isaac ————-12:50:46
  3. Lucky —————–12:51:22
  4. Sparkle ————–12:54:07
  5. Tanya Lee ———-13:10:58

B (Cruising) Start time 12:10

  1. Erin ——————- 13:05:00
  2. Norma Mae ——-13:05:45
  3. Ariel of Victoria- 13:11:18
  4. Able —————— 13:12:22
  5. Swell Dancer —- 13:20:19
  6. Noddy ————– 13:37:09
  7. Taswens ———– 13:40:02
  8. Stephanie E —— DNF
  9. Grin ——————-DNF

T-birds Start time 12:15

  1. Raven ————— 13:01:40
  2. Owl —————— 13:02:13
  3. Mabuhay ———- 13:02:33
  4. Thatuna ————13:04:50
  5. Coco Solo ——— 13:04:55
  6. Knot Raven —— 13:05:56
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Winter Sailing Saturdays

It was relatively warm on the first Saturday of the the new year and two Thunderbirds, Thatuna and Owl, took advantage of it to get in a race.  Two laps from Indian Point around the tower.  The wind was pretty good and it didn’t rain. Owl prevailed but it was a close fought contest.

The plan is to sail every Saturday, weather permitting.  Races will start at 12 noon.  Come on out and enjoy some casual winter sailing.

Owl downwind

Thatuna crew

Thatuna on a balmy winter day

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WBF Shipwright’s Regatta Results

26 th Annual Shipwright’s Regatta – Feb. 25, 2017

 This year’s Shipwright’s was greeted by light southerly breezes.  A long triangular course was set so that if the wind didn’t pick up boats would have a good distance to travel within the 2 hour time limit.  If the wind picked up they could sail the course twice around.  The start was postponed for 20  minutes while  there was  no wind.  The wind remained light so the course was shortened to once around.  This worked out well as the fastest boat finished less than a minute short of one hour, and the slowest boat finished in about an hour and 40 minutes.  Ironically, the wind speed doubled as the last boats were finishing.

Twenty-three boats entered in three classes;-  A: Racing Boats (5),  B: Cruising Boats (10), & C: Thunderbirds (8).  All boats finished.


Perpetual Awards

                                              Half Model Sylvie for first wooden boat to start:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Pegleg for first wooden boat to finish:-   Sir Isaac

                                              Hook for last boat to finish:-   Tarani

                                              Trident for saltiest boat or crew:-    Dorado

                                              Directional Helmet for someone who gets lost or misses a buoy:-    Impossible Dream

                                              Whack-o-meter for best use of misspent energy:-   Sorcerer’s Apprentice

                                              Wire boat for 1st boat to finish in cruising class:-    Carlyn

                                              Van Hope Community Award for largest crew: –    Norma Mae

                                              Free Haul-out for Youngest crew:-   Falkor


Across the line finish times (No handicaps were applied)

                                             Class A:-    Racing  (starting time: 12:20)

                                                                1. Sir Isaac –  13:19:16

                                                                2. Blue Fin – 13:21:52

                                                                3. Sorcerer’s Apprentice – 13:29:01

                                                                4. Lucky – 13:29:07

                                                                5. Andiamo – 13:48:28

                                             Class B:-   Cruising (starting time: 12:25)

                                                                1. Carlyn – 13:40:18

                                                                2. Fiddlehead – 13:41:37

                                                                3. Norma Mae – 13:41:40

                                                                4. Second Wind – 13:41:42

                                                                5. Able – 13:45:55

                                                                6. Flakor – 13:47:40

                                                                7. Impossible Dream – 13:52:07

                                                                8. Jaga – 13:53:49