Ted Pike

Ted Pike

The first many reminiscence on the life of longtime PTSA member, wooden boat lover, and friend to all who had the good fortune of knowing him, Ted Pike. The following was posted by Kiwi Ferris on the Edensaw Facebook page.

Longtime great friend of mine, Edensaw employee of 20 years, story teller extraordinaire and friend to so many, Ted Pike passed away yesterday afternoon after a 2 week struggle with Pancreatitis.

I have known Ted ever since he moved to Port Townsend and we have shared many laughs, many stories, wine, rum, dinners and some sad times. Last night my son Rangi emailed me and pretty much summed it up in 2 sentences.

“I know you guys were good friends and had a lot of history. I looked to Ted as family member he has been in our lives for a long time.”

Ted loved all of his Families of which Rangi considered himself as part of. Ted would have celebrated 20 years with his Edensaw family next Tuesday, September 1st. Ted’s passion for Edensaw, boats and the marine trades was second to none and he loved them all.

He loved to get on the tiller of his beloved yacht Annie Too with friends and sail on the bay. Ted loved to share his enthusiasm of Annie Too taking anyone that showed a desire to sail out for their first sail and teaching the tricks of sailing and forming lifelong friendships.

We will keep you all updated as far as arrangements.

-Kiwi Ferris