On a Mission to Maximize Participation!

Maybe in 40 – 50 years there will be enough of these, cheap enough, to replace the Thunderbird.  And enough local sailors to crew them.


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On a Mission to Maximize Participation

Published on September 9th, 2018

The late great Paul Elvstrom said it best: “It is much harder to build a solid class organization than to design a new boat.” But commerce motivates people to try, and while we may get excited at the latest shiny new object on the water, class building remains hard.


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Raven Wins 2018 Thunderbird West Coast Championship Regatta (updated)

Steve, Stig, Simon, and John dominated the regatta with four firsts, three seconds, and one fourth place finish.  And in late breaking news Magic Bus has been declared the third place winner. They tied with Invader in points and there was some confusion as to the tie breaking criteria, which as now been cleared up.

Here are the official, final, results:

It was an excellent two days of racing with better than predicted winds and good weather (after the fog burned off).

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Radio-Controlled Sailboat Regatta


Ludlow pond T37

On Saturday April 16, the Port Townsend Yacht Club will host the 2016 T37 Regional Championships at Port Ludlow.  This annual race, which is typically held at the Seattle Yacht Club, will be the first time these radio-controlled sailboats have raced in a Championship event on the Quimper Peninsula. At present, there are over 2,750 boats worldwide, 750 in the Puget Sound area, and 50 boats registered to our local fleet.

These 37-inch long wooden boats are built from a kit available from Tippecanoe Boats, modelsailboat.com. The T37 RC Racing Sloop is a fully sanctioned one-design class in the American Model Yachting Association. Each boat has a unique personality reflecting the builder’s preference for paint styles and colors. The hull is 1/8-inch mahogany plywood. The mast and booms are high-tech carbon fiber; sails are nylon spinnaker cloth, the same material as is used on full-size sailboat spinnakers. Everything for building and sailing the boat, including the radio control gear is in the kit, except for paint, varnish, and AA batteries.

Onlookers are welcome to watch the action in the ponds between the Port Ludlow Marina and the Port Ludlow Yacht Club. The boats are powered only by the wind in the sails. No propulsion motors, no propellers. There are two servo motors inside, each controlled by a radio transmitter. One servo trims the sails in and out. The other turns the rudder. That’s all. This is real sailing and, as you’ll see, real racing.

The local fleet expects to do well in the Northwest Regional Championship since big-boat racers Dan Newland (of Port Hadlock) and Lucas Hurt (of Port Townsend) are the 2015 National and Regional T37 Champions, respectively. For this year’s Regionals, we expect about 30 of the best sailors from Seattle and British Columbia, and our area to compete.

For more information, contact Michael Machette, Race Director (360-531-2441)and check out the website of the Pacific Northwest Model Yacht Club at pnmyc.org.

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T-Bird Regionals A Big Success

The starting line got crowded with 17 boats fighting for a spot. Photo by Steve Scharf.

The starting line got crowded with 17 boats fighting for a spot. Photo by Steve Scharf.

A total of 17 T-Birds showed up for a really fun weekend of Thunderbird style one-design racing at Fleet 33’s Northwest Regional Regatta. What they got was a big does of fun and a little of everything else: 10 races, aggressive starts, general recalls, sun, rain, fog, big wind, light breezes, a river of current, busy mark roundings, a couple of noisy discussions on what boat was allowed in there, highs, lows, a terrific dinner, a beer or three. Everything you could hope for. A special thanks to all the boats that traveled from more distant points to participate, and Fleet 33 for putting on such a fun event. More info and pics to follow.

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