CRUSOE ghosts past town, 2011 Shipwrights Regatta. Photo by Elizabeth Becker.

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The 20th Annual Shipwrights Regatta finally sailed on March 5th, after a postponement the week before due to snow, sleet, and high winds. The weather was considerably nicer for the second try, with 5-12 knots of wind, 40-50 degrees, and even a brief period of sunshine. 27 boats registered for the event, and 20 actually made it to the water. The course was a little confusing since the wind would not cooperate with the predetermined North or South choices on the Race Instructions. When you read the race results, please keep in mind that as many boats missed a rounding as not, and it was impossible for the Race Committee to keep up with who did and didn’t exactly follow the course. And then there were the inshore small boats who choose to do the “long course.”

It doesn’t matter. This is a “fun”, get your boat ready and your mind set for the racing season, kind of event.

May I have the Envelope Please, And the Winners Are ….

2011 Shipwrights Regatta. Photo Gallery by Elizabeth Becker

Perpetual Awards were announced by our local and much appreciated MC. The awards were as follows:

(given to the first boat across the Start Line:  There was a tie between Dorado, Pegasus, and The Wizard. A drawing decided the winner, and that was Dorado, sailed by Joe Daubenberger and family.

(given to the overall winner):  No contention on this one. There was only one boat to finish within the allotted 2 hour time limit:  Mallard, an 18 foot open boat sailed by Tim Lemon. The winner of this first place award also has their name engraved on the Bronze Belaying Pin trophy which is kept in the new NWMC trophy case.

(given to the last boat to cross the finish line): Even though Crusoe has won any number of races in her division, this time Arren Day and the crew wrapped up the fleet.

(for the saltiest boat or crew): Bolt, the 19 foot Lightning sailed by Miguel Salguero, for sailing the long course and recovering from a chilly swim when a strap broke during the race.

(for someone who gets lost or misses a buoy, or loses his directions):  Ed Barcott lost his wind direction several times during the race, it was reported, thus he wins the helmet this year.

(for the best use of misspent energy):  Dan Newland and his Pegasus Crew traded last year’s Peg Leg for this award. The reportedly spend a lot of time and distance trying to get around a missed mark.

(for the first place in the Cruising division):  Satch Yarbrough on Step’n’Annie brought home the honors this year.

(For the most young people, or the youngest person, on a boat): Sea Marine donated a free haulout for this recipient and this year that goes to Ted Pike on Annie Too.
This year an additional award will be given to the crew of Bolt, since their whole crew was under 20 (but a Lightning hardly needs a haulout.)

(To the boat who takes on the most crew from the docks or skippers meeting, so that everyone gets to sail):  The Wizard (Dan Ginther and Piper Dunlap) won this and the Port of Port Townsend awarded a free Boat Haven haul out to them.

See the entire race results at the end of the article. We had wonderful, generous sponsors this year: Port Townsend Brewing provided the best beer in the state for the awards ceremony, Sunrise Coffee gave coffee for the skippers meeting, and both the Port and Sea Marine were very kind to donate a free haul out. We thank them all! The Port Townsend Sailing Association and the Wooden Boat Foundation/NWMC worked together to produce the race. Many people helped with the setup and take down of the whole event and Kathy Grace would like to especially thank them!! And of course, we couldn’t do it without the Race committee (Myron, Dave, and company), the mark and safety boat drivers (Erik Wennstrom and Anthony Francis) and the beautiful Sweet Roll committee boat volunteered and run by Carlyn Stark and Dale Nordland.

Dorado Joe Daubenberger Racing 14:51:20 1
The Wizard Piper Dunlap/Dan Ginther Racing 14:51:52 2
Sirocco Steve Scharf Racing 14:52:02 3
Pegasus Dan Newland Racing 14:54:57 4
Annie Too Ted Pike Racing 15:13:16 5
Lotus Chris Grace Racing 15:16:34 6
Anuket Peg Fury Racing 15:28:17 7
Second Wind Dwight Nicholson Racing 15:33:28 8
Step n Annie Satch Yarbrough Cruising 15:02:29 1
Perroquet Antonio Salguero Cruising 15:07:00 2
Pacemaker Ed Barcott Cruising 15:15:54 3
Erin Steve Chapin Cruising 15:17:32 4
deCapo Scott Swantner Cruising 15:19:45 5
NoName Doug Bolling Cruising 15:20:16 6
Crusoe Arren Day Cruising 15:32:03 7
Vixen Vincent Townrow Cruising DNF
Mallard Tim Lemon Inshore 14:49:51 1
Truant Ronald Schmidt Inshore 15:00:07 2
Bolt Miguel Salguero Inshore 15:20:45 3
nesting dinghy Russel Brown Inshore 15:08:15 did not register
Otter Jeff Clithero Inshore DNF