The Dog Days races appear  well named.

RACE 2 (08/14/15)

The weather forecast was for NW winds at 10 kts. and possible showers.  The RC arrived at the boat haven to find steady moderate rain, Easterly winds gusting to 1 kt.  and reducing visibility. There was also an absence of sailors so race 2 was abandoned.

Race 3 (08/21/15)

The forecast was for light SE winds.  The actual at the dock was Northerly at 2+ kts. with gusts to 3 and lulls below 1 .  The water surface showed widely spaced light patches, particularly in the inner bay, smoke at the Mill was vertical.

Five boats came out:  Blew Bird, Dunlap/Ginther; Caveat, Bolling (Just relaunched and welcomed out for the first time); Ramble, Kaplan; Rowdy, Fry and  Thatuna, Lynes.

They chose course SYF (2 nm.) and after the downwind start had a good spinnaker reach and passed the ferry just before it left the dock.  This was the last that was seen of the fleet from the dock, and around 19:30 the wind disappeared from the bay, so unless  arrangements were made to shorten course (there was no communication with the RC) the whole fleet are  TLE.

Next week is the final race of the series, lets hope for more reasonable conditions.    We are now coming up on a whole series of nautical activities (check the calendar) starting with the Thunderbird regional regattas on Sept 4 th.  Then Series Racing starts up again with Fall Night-cap on Oct 27 th. starting at 1 pm.