A light NE wind made an almost windward start from the dock to the #2 bouy for the seven boats that came out for this race.  Even so it was a crowded start with one boat anchored on the line and a couple more on the starting side of the line.  The wind died for most boats as they returned to the bay and headed for the Indian Point mark, but soon returned as a NW breeze.  The start was at 18:05:00 and the course length was 2.61 nm.

1    The Wizard        18:51:35
2    Sirocco               18:54:18
3    Thatuna              18:56:32
4    Boreas                 18:56:53
5    No Name            18:58:03
6    Tzieu                    19:02:18
7    Pacemaker        19:02:29