Five boats came out for Cat’s Paw 5, since last week’s #5 was abandoned due to thunderstorms.  This #5 was strong on current and weak on wind.

Participating were The Wizard, Sirocco, Raven, Thatuna & Ramble.  Unfortunately, none managed to finish within the time limit. (Confession: with three boats already motoring by, stronger current, no wind, and no other boats in sight, I went home 30 minutes before the deadline.  So much for dedication.)

With a very light NE wind, just the beginning of the ebb, and more wind apparent outside the bay, a race to one of the nearest marks, “B” seemed a possibility.  Unfortunately, as the wind diminished and the ebb grew, return from B was not possible without an engine.  In hindsight, to and from Indian Point may have been a better choice, but there was almost no wind in that area and Ferries to drift by.

Anyway, there is no change in the overall results since Race 4 and the final race will be next Friday using the “make-up” date on our permit.