After last week’s “no wind” cancellation it was disappointing, this week, to find the wind light and very peripatetic in direction. After a half hour postponement the wind settled for a while on 285°M and course SIFIF was set.  At the start the wind had grown to 7 – 9 kts. By the end of the second leg it was 11 – 14+ and had backed to 270°M. The course was on the short side for this much wind and gave crews a workout.

For the second race, in an attempt to correct for the wind shift, time was taken for a temporary windward mark to be set and the line squared. The course was still SWFWF but the legs were longer to suit the conditions.  The wind became very unstable during this race, varying between 4 & 12kts. and slowly cycling between 245 & 280°M.

As there were only four boats starting, the line was shorter than that with which the fleet was accustomed (RRS guidelines are for 1¼ to 1½ times the total length of starting fleet). This, combined with the strong and varying breeze lead to some exciting, and sometimes scary, close quarter maneuvering at the starts by these expert crews.


PTSA Thunderbird July Cat’s Paw Series 2019  
Standings – Two Races Sailed
Reg. Cnt. Sail # Boat Name Skipper Name Race 1 CANC. Race 2 7/17/19 Race 3 7/17/19 Race 4 Race 5 Race 6 Race 7 Race 8 Race 9 Total Pts. Posit- ion.
1 1069 Magic Bus Dunlap, Piper +       1   1                         2 1
2 1190 Raven Blackbird Assocs.       2   2                         4 2
3 1248 Kuma San Lynes, John       3   3                         6 3
4 1177 Falcon Nikles, Roland       4   4                         8 4
Results Provisional until Final Standings [ ] Denotes Throw-out