This event generated a high level of frustration for all concerned. On leaving harbor the RC found a very light Northwesterly breeze which the wind shadows showed to be very patchy. A temporary Windward mark was set few hundred feet into the darkest wind shadow and the CB headed downwind to set the S/F line towards the other edge of the wind shadow. Before setting the line it was necessary to wait much of an hour as the wind direction cycled through ±15° every few minutes while the mean direction slowly veered to the North.

Finally the wind direction steadied, the S/F line was set and the course SWFWF was posted, with the indication for a second race. The start sequence began on schedule. During the final minute of the start sequence, unnoticed by the RC which should have called a postponement, the wind veered to the NE. This had the effect of shortening the distance to the start line for the lifted boats and causing a general recall.

As moving the windward mark to reset the course would have put the mark in front of the ferry dock it was necessary to move the S/F line. After re-anchoring twice and finding the wind still veering, although a little stronger, the race was started with an imperfect course.

Due to the delays and the planned dock party the second race of the evening was not run. This still gave 8 completed races in the May Sunshine Series and generated 2 throw-outs.

Next Wednesday is the start of the June Midsummer Series.

NOTE:- In response to many requests, next Wednesday, and beyond, the start time for series races will revert to 18:00 hrs.

NOTE ALSO:- From next week on, Jazz may not be the Committee Boat. A sailboat may act as CB, which one is currently unknown. Just look for the Orange Flag.