Smith Island start

Smith Island start

Martha racing around Smith Island (photo by Robert Ambrose)

Following a blustery week, and faced with a Gale Warning, the twelve boats reporting for the start found very light winds and calm seas.  As race time approached long scans of the surface showed no dark patches to indicate wind.  The very light NE draft was not enough to register on the RC anemometer.  However the fleet was demonstrating steerage-way, although barely stemming the current by the pier, so there was nothing to be gained by a postponement and the start was on time.

Observation from Fort Worden an hour after the start showed the fleet flying rather limp spinnakers to a light Southeasterly in Admiralty Inlet but after passing Pt Wilson the current became stronger than the wind and boats were carried West until they could clear the wind shadow of the bluffs.  Challenging conditions.

The results are provisional as two boats we do not have contact information for have not reported finish times to


Some highlights from Sparkle:

Strange but true, we sailed upwind with our symmetrical spinnaker for most of the race.  The sun was shining and warm (I have a sun burn on my face to prove it), sea birds were in abundance, there were several porpoise sightings, and possibly a whale sighting too.  We rounded clockwise and met several of the other boats rounding on the east side of Minor.  A significance difference from last year was that nearly the entire fleet converged on the east side of Minor Is. at the same time.  Having rounded from the west,  we tacked twice on our return leg and were able to lay the Pt. Hudson buoy in one long tack.  The current, for us, was favorable the entire way.


And a report from Martha is here –  Martha Sail Training.



Smith Island Race 2017

Information is provisional and subject to modification. Results saved: Monday, April 3, 2017 2:30:48 PM PDT

Pos Sail Boat Skipper Rating Finish
Adjustments Pts
1 1144 Blew Bird Piper Dunlap, Dan Ginther 198 3 18:20:47.0 01:31:24.6 05:44:22.4 00:00:00.0 1.0
2 SP Cito Rankin, Sean 255 9 18:51:18.0 01:57:43.5 05:48:34.5 00:04:12.1 2.0
3 642 Owl Dunning, Dale 198 5 18:30:20.0 01:31:24.6 05:53:55.4 00:09:33.0 3.0
4 549 Knot Raven Bolling, Brian 198 6 18:37:12.0 01:31:24.6 06:00:47.4 00:16:25.0 4.0
5 81 Sparkle Guy Hupy, Brian McGinn 129 1 18:07:38.0 00:59:33.3 06:03:04.7 00:18:42.3 5.0
6 172 Boreas Greene, Josh 198 8 18:49:31.0 01:31:24.6 06:13:06.4 00:28:44.0 6.0
7 226 Martha D’Arcy, Robert 111 2 18:11:22.0 00:51:14.7 06:15:07.3 00:30:44.9 7.0
8 C 36 Norma Mae Arsulich, James 148 7 18:38:09.0 01:08:19.6 06:24:49.4 00:40:27.0 8.0
9 18944 Sir Isaac Bailey, John 93 4 18:28:00.0 00:42:56.1 06:40:03.9 00:55:41.5 9.0
10T 39954 Andiamo Anderson, Eric 185 10 No Time 01:25:24.5 -01:25:24.5 -07:09:46.9 RET 13.0T
DNF ID Impossible Dream McDowell, Todd 190 DNF No Time 01:27:43.0 No Time No Time DNF 13.0T
DNF 83330 Lucky  Hall, Keith 42 DNF No Time 00:19:23.4 No Time No Time DNF 13.0T


(1) Start Date/Time = Saturday, April 1, 2017 11:05:00.0, Length (nm) = 27.70

Information is provisional and subject to modification

Principal Race Officer: DaveB

Version 7.2.2: Regatta scoring by JavaScore, an Open Source project available at