The forecast was for a gale in Admiralty Inlet and at noon the wind was picking up so the official race was cancelled.  However, five boats decided to go out anyway: Dorado, Sparkle, Raven, Thatuna, and Boreas.  They did a rabbit start near the Indian Point buoy – Dorado being the rabbit.  The course was to the green buoy and back to Indian Point.  The wind was fairly strong on the beat and on the first part of the downwind leg but then let up as the boats got to Indian Point where the fleet decided to do another lap.  The wind continued to lighten and boats dropped out as their patience ran out.  Still, a good day for a sail, warm, no rain, and mostly reasonable wind.

This race will not count towards the overall standings for the  Fall Nightcap series.

Let’s hope for good conditions for next Sunday’s race.

All photos by Jim Heumann
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