The 2012 Wooden boat series wrapped up on a beautiful afternoon with a steady NW wind and lots of activity on the Bay.  A trident came into Indian Island, but, fortunately for them, we did not have to divert them for our fleet.

This afternoon the finishers were 1 Sirocco, 2 Martha, 3 Thatuna, and 4 Erin.

The Series results are a bit simplified (and complicated?) because only three boats competed in enough races to be included.  Sirocco was the only boat to participate in all of the races and, without a score when they were the only boat for race 2, finishing 2, 3, 1, 2, 1 in the races, win the series.

Despite missing two races, Dorado placed 2nd.  Thatuna missed only one race and placed third.

This is distorted scoring in that half of the results depend on the CMR where there are many more competitors than participants in the Wooden Boat Series.