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Penalty Turns

There has been some confusion about when and how many turns to do if you commit a foul on the race course.  Here is a brief synopsis from the Rule Book.

If you foul another boat by violating one or more of the rules in Part Two of the racing rules you must do TWO turns.  The rules in Part Two are the basic ones like port/starboard, windward/leeward, hitting another boat, giving room to the inside boat at marks, etc.

If while rounding a race mark you hit that mark you only need to do ONE turn.

If you did both, broke a rule in Part Two AND hit a mark in the same incident, you only need to take TWO turns (not three).

When do you have to do your turns you ask? After getting well clear of other boats as soon after the incident as possible, a boat takes a One-Turn or Two-Turns Penalty by promptly making the required number of turns in the same direction, each turn including one tack and one gybe.

That’s it.  We don’t have protests in PTSA races, so everyone is on the honor system.  It’s up to you to determine if you have committed a penalty and do the right thing.

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Thunderbird June Midsummer Series – Final Standings

This week’s racing was cancelled by consensus after considering the Gale Warning in the Strait and observing the building wind gusts in the Boat Haven. The screen shot below of the days wind record from the Paper Mill  weather station confirms that the cancellation was prudent. So last week’s standings become the Final Series Standings.

There are no formal Series races scheduled for next Wednesday, June 26 or July 3rd.  The July Cat’s Paw Series begins on Wednesday July 10th  18:00 hrs. (more…)

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Party After Racing This Wednesday (6/19/19)

To celebrate a successful  Midsummer Series,  Admiral Ship Supply will be hosting a party for the fleet directly after racing ends on Wednesday.  The Raven crew will once again provide brats, chips and potato salad.  Please bring your own drinks.   Admiral Ship Supply is located near the heavy haul out.  All members are welcome.

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