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Fall Nightcap Series 2019 – Races 1 – 4.

Following the past two weeks where the wind conditions were at either end of un-raceable, this week’s forecast was unexciting with weak winds that were very variable in direction.

The actual wind appeared to be a little North of West and the RC left to set a temporary mark downwind of Y. On leaving the breakwater it was obvious the wind shadows to Port were the stronger so the leeward mark was set about ¾ of a mile downwind of Indian Point. With the rapidly changing wind direction it took a while of chasing to and fro to get the mark downwind of I. Eventually we settled on an average. The good thing was that the wind was building up to 3 – 4 kts during this time. (more…)

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T-Bird Documentary Filming

The Raven crew, during their trip to Boston for the Internationals, met a documentary filmmaker who is making a film of the T-Bird story. Filming is moving to the west coast this week with visits to Gig Harbor and Port Townsend.  The PT filming will happen during the race this Saturday, so it would be great to get as many T-Birds out as possible. You could be a star.

And please remember that these races are for PHRF boats too.  Everybody is welcome and encouraged to race.

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Too Little Wind For Second of the Whitecap Series

A dock start was set up as a CB was unavailable. A delayed start was anticipated due to the Kinetic Skulpture race passing the dock. This was immaterial as boats trying to sail to windward on any wafts that drifted by could not stem the current. After an hour, AP was replaced by N in surrender.

The possibility of scheduling make-up races is under consideration.


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Too Much Wind For The First Race of the Nightcap Series

Five boats left Boat Haven for the race course on Saturday in a stiff breeze. By the time they got out to the committee boat the wind had picked up.  By the time the race was about to start the wind picked up some more.  Five boats decided not to race after all.  Thanks to Dave, the race committee, and Piper for braving the elements to get the committee boat out and anchored, and the course set, only to have to reverse the process and head back into the marina.

It was windy

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