Are you organizing your crew for the PTSA racing season or are you looking for a boat to crew on?

Port Townsend Sailing Association’s Crew Lists are designed to get people who want to crew in contact with skippers of boats that need crew. To get your name on the Crew Lists, fill out the appropriate form and click ‘submit’. Your name and information will instantly become part of that list on our Web site.

PTSA offers the Crew List as a service only. PTSA neither makes nor implies any guarantee, warranty or recommendation regarding the character of individuals participating in the Lists, the condition of their boats, or any weather or sea conditions you may encounter. You and you alone must judge those things for yourself. PTSA reserves the right to remove inappropriate listings without notice to the lister. Tips for listing follow the links.

Names will be removed from the lists after one year.


Browse the Crew Lists

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Create an Entry on the Crew Lists

Create a Racing Crew Listing: I Want to Crew
Create a Racing Skipper Listing: I Need Crew

A few quick tips:

  • Be honest. Don’t inflate your skill level or exaggerate your experience. People with little sailing experience have almost as good a chance at getting on a boat as those with lots. If you email a skipper, include your sailing experience (or sailing resume if you have one) in your initial contact.
  • Fill out the form as completely as possible. The more information readers have about you, the more likely they are to contact you.
  • Be responsible. You must make certain commitments of time, effort and dependability. The continued good reputation of the Crew List depends on you living up to those commitments.

Before acting on a crew listing, particularly if you’re going to invest time and/or money to get to a boat or have someone come to your boat, use common sense. Do the best vetting you can. Ask for references. Remember that people are very different. Hope for the best, assume the worst.

All set? Have at it, good luck, and please drop us a line let us know how it all worked out. Also send us an email if you made a mistake and would like your entry changed or deleted.

A special thanks to Latitude 38 whose idea we are appropriating and who continues to set the tone for sailing on the West Coast.