Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2016 – Race 3 Results

This week we had all the wind we needed for a good race, plus some extra.  While setting the course the wind direction was 285 degM,  speed in the mid to high teens, so the line was set between Y and T square to the wind, course SYTF.   At the start the wind backed to 260 deg, initially  favoring those who tacked after the start and took the right side of the course into the beach.  The wind kept oscillating  until finally settling on 270 for a while and lulling to 10 kts.  This did not last long and the fleet rounded the tower with plenty of wind for a change. 
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Port to Port Race this Weekend

Remember the Port to Port race is this weekend.  See the distance race page for details.  And the Catspaw series continues tomorrow (Friday evening).  The weather is supposed to be nice, so there is no excuse not to go racing!

Midsummer Regatta 2016 – Results

The race committee honors Stig Osterberg, originator of the Midsummer Regatta.

The race committee honors Stig Osterberg, originator of the Midsummer Regatta.

Traditionally the Midsummer has been one of PTSA’s most popular regattas, with fine weather, a good breeze, and great racing followed by a celebration of the equinox.  This year started out differently.  At the skippers meeting it was wet and windless and any enthusiasm was strictly controlled.  However, when the CB left the marina a light and variable Southeasterly was perceived.  After waiting a considerable time for the wind to stabilize (it didn’t, of course) it was decided to make a best guess and set the line midway between I and T.  To gain flexibility in course length, W was set about 1/3 nm to windward of the committee boat and L about 1/4 nm to leeward.

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Summer Cat’s Paw Series – 2016, Race 2.

This may not have been our shortest distance race but it was certainly one of our slowest.  Setting the course was difficult as the 0 – 3 kt wind kept swirling and going away altogether.  In desperation STFYF was picked, well after the official start time, as the best compromise.  Unfortunately it took over half an hour for the leaders to reach the tower and well over an hour to approach the halfway mark so the “S” flag went up and boats were finished at the CB which was midway down the course.  Even so the last boats came within single digits of DNF.  Congratulations to all for their tenacity.
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Racing update

The summer Catspaw series continues this Friday (6/17/2016) at 6pm.

The Midsummer Regatta is this Saturday (6/18/2016). 
We are planning to have food after the race so we’d like to know how many people plan to attend.  Skippers please RSVP by email to to let us know if you plan to race.

Format: One day, as many windward/leeward races as possible.  Followed by food and a celebration of the solstice. This race is in appreciation of Stig Osterberg and Swedish culture.
Start: 12 noon
Skipper’s meeting:  10am at the committee boat at the foot of A/B dock in Port Townsend Boat Haven
Entry Fee: $20/boat (ok to pay after the race)
Food:  After the race on A dock.  Bring your own beverages
Notice of Race:  Available at the skipper’s meeting
Prizes:  Will be awarded

This event has been a highlight of the summer racing season in past years.  Let’s continue the tradition with a good turnout this year.

The Port to Port Race is June 25th and 26th.

This race goes from Port Townsend to Port Ludlow and back with an overnight stop in Port Ludlow.  The course goes outside of Marrowstone Island, not through the cut.  Starts are timed to make use of favorable current.

PT Start: 6/25, 2pm
Cutoff:  7pm in Port Ludlow
Port Ludlow start: 10am
Cutoff: 3pm in PT

Skippers need to call ahead and make a moorage reservation.  When you call you will need to tell the Port Ludlow moorage office (360.437.0513) that you are participating in the PTSA Port to Port race.  The fire ring and BBQ area are already reserved for Saturday night.

The Sparkle crew will provide hotdogs, bratwurst, condiments and buns on Saturday.  Please bring a side dish if you can.  Some great additions would be potato salad, pasta salad, green salad, watermelon, baked beans, marshmallows, pie…

On Sunday morning the Sparkle crew will provide coffee, tea and OJ and a  breakfast of fruit, yogurt, granola, homemade muffins, hard boiled eggs…

This was a really fun event last year and we are looking forward to another great P to P race.