3 Shipwrights Trophies Still Missing

Three trophies from last year’s Shipwrights Regatta are still unaccounted for. The following boats won the missing trophies:
s/v Tarani – Hook
s/v Impossible Dream – Directional Helmet
s/v Sorcerer’s Apprentice – Whack-o-meter
If you know of the whereabouts of these boats or trophies please contact Robin Mills (robin@nwmaritime.org).

The Race Calendar for 2018 is Now Available

Click here for the PDF version: PTSA 2018 calendar

Many thanks to Tulip Morrow (and Guy Hupy) for putting the calendar together.

Do you have a Shipwrights’ Regatta trophy from last year?

If so, please let Robin Mills (robin@nwmaritime.org), the new program director at the Northwest Maritime Center, know.  She is collecting them so they can be given to the winners of this year’s event. Here are the trophies that Robin is looking for:

  • TAKU AWARD: First wooden boat across the START line
  • PEG LEG: First boat across the FINISH line
  • THE HOOK: Last boat across the FINISH line
  • THE GOLDEN TRIDENT: Saltiest boat or crew
  • DIRECTIONAL HELMET: Most confused boat
  • WACK-O-MATIC: Best use of misspent energy
  • METAL WIRE BOAT: First place in Cruising

The 27th annual Shipwrights’ Regatta will be held on Saturday February 24th.  It’s the first race of the year on Port Townsend Bay and it’s always a blast.  You can get all the details on the Maritime Center website.

Spring And Summer Series Races To Be Held On WEDNESDAYS

The board had decided to change the race days for the spring and summers series` from Friday to Wednesday. Because families who want to go away for the weekend often get an early start on Friday, causing them to miss a race, the hope is that this change will increase participation.  This should also make it easier for folks to do the distances races, which normally occur on Saturdays.

The Quimper Tar/Ed Barcott casual races, which were previously held on Wednesday will now happen on Friday.


Winter Sailing Saturdays

It was relatively warm on the first Saturday of the the new year and two Thunderbirds, Thatuna and Owl, took advantage of it to get in a race.  Two laps from Indian Point around the tower.  The wind was pretty good and it didn’t rain. Owl prevailed but it was a close fought contest.

The plan is to sail every Saturday, weather permitting.  Races will start at 12 noon.  Come on out and enjoy some casual winter sailing.

Owl downwind

Thatuna crew

Thatuna on a balmy winter day