Protection Island Race 2016 – Results (update)


Martha rounding Protection Island (photo by John Lynes)


Eight boats came out to enjoy our second distance race (it gets boring going round the buoys all the time) in spite of a weather forecast for light winds and rain.  The course length was 22.1 nm. as measured from the 3 fathom line at each headland.

The start was on schedule, even though the fleet barely had steerage-way and the wind was oscillating between S and SE, because of the need to benefit from the tide.  After about 10 minutes struggle the fleet picked up steadier and stronger winds as they got clear of the land past Point Hudson.
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Around Protection Island Race this Saturday (5/21/2016)


Round the island either way.

The second distance race of the year, around Protection Island, is this Saturday.  The length of the race, without tacking, is approximately 24 nautical miles.  Currents will be perfect for heading out and coming back.  For all the details see the distance race page.

End of Whitecap Series Dock Party Photos


Dean hard at work.

To celebrate the successful end to the Whitecap series the crew of Raven cooked up some fantastic brats and potato salad on A dock after the race.  A good time was had by all. Special thanks to Dean and Steve!  A few more photos here.

Spring Whitecap Series -2016. Race 7 Results and Final Standings.

The final race of the series initially promised to be much the same as the previous one.   Fifteen boats came out to enjoy a warm and sunny evening.  Before the start the wind was 5 – 7 kts. steadily from 290 degM.   Advantage was taken of the newly replaced Trestle buoy to set course SYTF (3.4 nm) which is aligned at 285 degM.  The Thunderbirds were given the first start again with the A fleet (everyone else) starting second.
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Barbecue after this Friday’s race (5/13/2016)

In order to celebrate a successful end to the spring whitecap series there will be a barbecue after the race on Friday (5/13/2016).  Food will be provided (paid for by donation).  Bring your own drinks.  The festivities will occur at Boat Haven on A dock near “Thunderbird row”. Please spread the word to other racers.