Fall Night Cap Series 2018 – Race 4A &4B Results and Standings

We are very sad to have to announce the sudden, unexpected and untimely passing to Fiddler’s Green of fellow sailor Eric Anderson, Skipper of the Bystead 30 Andiamo Again and persistent competitor in the PHRF Fleet. Our condolences go to his Crew, Family and Friends. He will be missed. ( Fiddler’s Green )

Forty five second video of Raven taken from Magic Bus:

Raven tries to catch Magic Bus in race 2.













This week were again presented with steady firm winds and were able to run two races. As the fleet completed the three mile course in only about 40 minutes each time, a third start was offered but was declined (Some responses may have been impolite, but it was difficult to hear above the wind).
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Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Races 3A & 3B Results and Series Standings

This week we finally managed to run two races. There was sunshine and a moderate, though unstable, breeze which eased and finally veered 50° as the afternoon progressed. Yet finishes were remarkably consistent. Owl finished the first race in 59¼ minutes and the second in 61½.
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Drone Video of Nightcap Series Race 2

Nick Reid (in conjunction with Stig Osterberg) captured some great aerial video of last Saturdays race.  There are three clips all of which can be seen below.  Lots can be learned by studying them carefully.  Thanks Nick and Stig!

It helps most if you remember the very light and shifty breeze and see how boats use it to advantage (or not). For a sense of scale (and speed?) the yellow tetrahedrons are less than 1/2 mile apart.





Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Race 2 Results and Series Standings.

Once again the CB left the Boat Haven to find a glassy sea surface and a long frustrating wait for the wind to make its intentions clear. After a while there were occasional puffs, up to 3 kts. but from random directions. For a while the wind appeared to strengthen in the outer bay as a Northerly but, just as the CB was preparing to head over to set up between T and B, the breeze switched to SW and died. After a few puffs from the South the wind settled on NE (as forecast). The RC hurriedly set tets about a 1/2 mile apart in a SE/NE line in the middle of the bay, set the pin and anchored, setting course SWLF2 (2 nm.). Whereupon the wind veered about 20 deg. Apart from re-squaring the start line the other marks were not adjusted.
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Fall Nightcap Series 2018 – Race 1 Results

There was confusion over the start time for the first race of the series due to the calendar on the website, and the race reminder, showing a noon start, while the SI’s (and history) called for 13:00. In the event the wind was so wildly capricious in strength and direction that the race did not start until 12:48 so it appeared no boats were inadvertently left at the dock. The on-line calendar has been corrected to match the SI’s and an e-mail sent to all members to set the start time at 13:00 for the rest of the series. Maybe the wind will have stabilized by then.
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Next up – Fall Nightcap Series

After a not so restful break, and to greet the equinox, the Fall Nightcap Series begins this Saturday (Sept. 22). Jazz will be CB. Start at Noon.

The dates for the rest of the series are on the calendar (right hand column of this page, or click on calendar tab).


On a Mission to Maximize Participation!

Maybe in 40 – 50 years there will be enough of these, cheap enough, to replace the Thunderbird.  And enough local sailors to crew them.


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On a Mission to Maximize Participation

Published on September 9th, 2018

The late great Paul Elvstrom said it best: “It is much harder to build a solid class organization than to design a new boat.” But commerce motivates people to try, and while we may get excited at the latest shiny new object on the water, class building remains hard.

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Raven Wins 2018 Thunderbird West Coast Championship Regatta (updated)

Steve, Stig, Simon, and John dominated the regatta with four firsts, three seconds, and one fourth place finish.  And in late breaking news Magic Bus has been declared the third place winner. They tied with Invader in points and there was some confusion as to the tie breaking criteria, which as now been cleared up.

Here are the official, final, results:

It was an excellent two days of racing with better than predicted winds and good weather (after the fog burned off).

Thunderbird West Coast Championship Regatta – Sept 1-2, 2018


Labor Day will see the west coast Thunderbird fleet back in Port Townsend Bay for a fabulous two days of racing.  Don’t miss out.  Sign up, and get the Notice of Race, on-line at the Regatta Network page for the event.

Ted Pike Memorial Regatta 2018 – Results

Nine boats came out to honor and celebrate Ted. Limfiord, Pacifica and Sparkle have participated in all three of these annual races.

As usual there was a variety of means of beach access. Pacemaker and Falkor improved their handicaps by swimming in. BetsyD (a CB Sharpie Cat Ketch) won points for dropping anchor, grounding her stern and stepping ashore. She lost them again for not furling her sails. Limfiord gained points for the extraordinary quality and scarcity of her entry fee.

Wind at the start was steady Northwesterly but not yet up to the 6 kts forecast. Course #2 (SMBTBGCBMBF 13.7 nm.) was announced. This kept the boats mainly outside the bay.  A temporary mark M was set to provide a windward start. It was hoped that the wind would build in the bay by the time the fleet approached G, but instead the usual hole persisted all afternoon. Several boats retired from the race and went cruising to enjoy the afternoon rather than fight for air at G.  The course was shortened to 10 nm. for Class B but only Ariel of Victoria persevered.

The follow-on BBQ and testing of the rum blend (to general approval) was as successful as usual.

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