2016 Thunderbird Northwest Regional Championship Regatta


This fun event is begin held in Port Townsend for the second year in a row.  Find all the details and the entry form in the notice of race (below).

2016 Thunderbird Northwest Regional Regatta Notice of Race

The Ted Pike Memorial Race — 2016 Results

The enthusiasm for this race was obvious as many boats were already anchored out when the RC arrived  (early) to set up the registration  and start area on the beach near the SE boundary of Fort Warden.  The hot sunny weather was welcome but it could have been wished for the NW wind to be more than 5 kts.  Nine boats came out including the honored Annie Too and the venerable Dorjun.  As can be seen in the accompanying video, everyone was respectfully attired in PT Formal, as Ted would have expected.  Notice  the apparent lack of the CG required flotation devices, these were of course safely stowed in the tenders.  It was low tide so there was plenty of beach with firm sand from which to operate.

The course selected was SMBDIYGTCBF, 8 nm., a circuit of the bay which, had the wind cooperated, should have given a good test of sailing skills on all points of sail in and out of current, and was almost as complicated as the Tour-de-Bay course.   Due to the light wind the start was relatively uneventful, without congestion or contact.  Events of note where Dorjun expertly backing her sails to stay off the beach, Sparkle leaving a swimmer dangling in the water while they stowed their paddle board, and the copious samples of bottom life that came up with the anchors.

The wind was fair for the early stages of the race but became light and variable inside the bay.  The first three boats were able to make good use of the wind while it lasted and completed the 8 nm. in a little over two hours.  As the wind had become very light and patchy the course was shortened to 6.5 nm. for the B fleet to avoid DNFs.   The last finishers needed over 3 hours to claim their rum.

Dorjun, whose rig was designed for a much more rugged environment, retired from the race on the far side of the course.  Limfiord (after sampling the rum) confessed to using her engine to avoid drifting into the tower and accepted a DSQ.

The first running of this event was agreed by all to be a lot of fun, definitely a fitting memorial to Ted, who would have loved it.  We look forward to its reputation spreading to those who missed it and to those beyond the local area.  The RC also had a great deal of fun, the satisfaction of a successful event, and are open to any suggestions for  improvements for next year.

Many thanks to Jim Heumann for the video which captures the spirit of the afternoon beautifully.

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Ted Pike Memorial Regatta – Saturday August 20th, 2016

Ted Pike

Ted Pike

Ted Pike came across this fun regatta format during a stay in Southern California where it is popular, and he believed it would translate to our area. He enthusiastically introduced it to the PTSA board and was actively planning for it (and had it put on this years schedule) when he passed. All the details are included in the attached Sailing Instructions but an overview of the concept will help understanding.

The Ted Pike Memorial Regatta is open to all Port Townsend Sailing Association members and invited guests. The regatta begins with the boats anchored, with sails furled, off the beach South of the Marine Science Center (yachts must be properly anchored, with sails secured by approximately 12:00 noon). The Skipper alone (or approved designee) will come ashore (by unspecified, non-powered, means) and will deposit an entry fee of One fifth of quality rum into the Regatta Keg on the beach. This is the only race of the year where a yacht’s handicap may depend on the quality of the entry fee. The Race Committee has latitude in assessing penalties and time awards for the quality of seamanship or originality in costume and beach access. After acceptance of the entry fees, the Sailing Instructions are reviewed and skippers are informed of the Course to be raced. The Course, which obviously depends on wind conditions, is intended to be long and complex enough for the crews to display their competence to the full on all points of sail, in and out of strong tidal current. On the starting signal the skippers return to their boats to up-anchor, raise sail and sail the course (no motors). When the course has been completed by each boat, it approaches the beach South of The Northwest Maritime Center (will not anchor) and a crew member will come ashore, with their own cup, to test the blend of brandy in the keg. The draining and inverting of their cup sets their boat’s finish time for the race.

The race is followed by a raft-up (optional) of the fleet in Point Hudson (see regatta format document below) followed by the Awards Ceremony starting at 17:30 up at the North West Maritime Center. Bring your own food and drink, we will provide BBQ Grill. Here crews reflect on the race (embellish the “truth”), critique each others’ performance and garb and awards are given and received while the remainder of the rum in the keg disappears into some of the finest rum drinks to be found.

All of the details and the entry form can be found in the documents below.

Ted Pike Regatta Instructions 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Format 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Entry 2016
Ted Pike Regatta Courses 2016


Don’t forget the Wednesday evening races

The Wednesday race series is going strong. These casual races are a great low-stress way to spend an evening on the water and practice your racing skills at the same time. Meet at the picnic table across from the yard office at Boat Haven to talk with other racers and help set the course. The start is at 6pm off of Indian Point, just outside the marina entrance.

Bush Point Race 2016 – Updated Results

Falcon having fun on the way to Bush Point. Picture by Eric Anderson

Falcon having fun on the way to Bush Point.
Picture by Eric Anderson

Five disparate boats came out for a warm sunny afternoon on the water.  The goal was a trip from City Dock around the yellow mid channel buoy SC, off Bush Point and back to City Dock, ~15 miles.   The wind on the dock at the start was a steady Southeasterly at a brisk 8 kts.  After the start, as the fleet headed out of the bay on a long starboard tack, it was noticeable that their heel increased as the wind grew and they joined the flood.  There was a light chop towards the mid channel where the wind was against the current. Even though, reportedly, the wind began to die as the returning fleet re-entered the bay, boats finished the course in under 3.5 hours and closely bunched enough for handicaps to become effective.

Both Falcon and Second Wind reported spinnaker handling problems on the return leg.  Second Wind was short handed and the spinnaker won the fight.

It looked like great sailing and it is a pity that more sailors were not able to be out to enjoy it.

NOTE:-  Don’t forget the Ted Pike Memorial race on Aug 20 th.  If you have not received an invitation contact Doug Jones at doug@traditionalboatworks.net

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