Summer Cat’s Paw Series – Race 7

Race 7 was scheduled as a “make-up” should we not be able to run six successful races in the regular series to permit a throw-out of each boat’s worst performance.  This year we had six completed races but had not celebrated the series with a BBQ as tradition dictates.  As the RC tends to loiter around the Boat Haven Friday evenings (needs to get a life) we went out for a race.  The only ingredient missing was the wind.  Occasionally a 2.5 kt breeze would spring up (with gusts to 3) but never from the same direction.  So the RC spent an hour frustrated and fretting while the fleet patiently used the time to socialize and bond.  One boat reported being able to sail completely round the committee boat – but didn’t mention if it was all on the same tack.

Not wanting to be late for the BBQ, as is usual for the RC, the race was called around 18:50.  Ironically, as the N flag was raised the wind filled in solidly from the NW.  Too late for a race but at least it helped everyone get back to their moorage in time for the party.  Thanks to Steve, Dean and Tulip it was great.

The Race Committee would like to congratulate the series winners and thank everyone for not noticing (or at least not commenting upon) the occasional confusion and errors by the RC.

NOTICE:- The Dog Days races have been moved from Fridays to Wednesday and merged with the Ed Barcott series.  There will not be any regular RC support or recording of results.

The next regular series (the Fall Nightcap) starts Sunday September 18 th at 13:00.

NOTICE, NOTICE:- Don’t forget the Bush Point distance race this Saturday, July 30 th., Noon start from City Dock, report your own finish time.

ALSO:- The Ted Pike Memorial Race August 20 th. at Noon (details to follow, but it involves a Keg of Rum).

AND:- The Thunderbird Regional Regatta September 3 – 4.

Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2016 – Race 6 Results

Just the results for now, commentary to follow.  BUT:-

NOTE:  There will be a Race 7 next Friday (followed by a celebratory barbecue on A dock).
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Summer Cat’s Paw Series 2016 – Race 5 Results

Initially this race was shaping up to be one of the best of the series, but as usual that turned out to be illusory.

As the start was from City Dock it was suggested that we set a course around the Marine Science Center mark, which doesn’t get a lot of use from the Committee Boat.  The current was around slack water, and the RC visited the beach at Point Hudson to verify there was wind available.  It appeared to be a good choice and turned out to be so.

While the RC was setting up on the dock the wind was moderate but somewhat unstable, mostly 8 – 10 kts. but with long lulls to 4 kts. and gusts to 12+.  The direction oscillated rapidly between 265 & 285 degM.  To gain a semblance of a windward start, mark A was set off Union Wharf.

As the distance to M and back was only ~3 nm. and the breeze appeared well established all over the bay, a trip out to the tower was added for another 3 nm. The course set was SAMFTF, which called for a crossing of the S/F line in the middle to allow for shortening course.

The first start had a General Recall as the boat most over early was beside the dock and its mainsail obscured the S/F line and the rest of the fleet.

Careful track was kept of time and wind conditions to decide if the course should be shortened.  The trip out to M was quick with most of the fleet completing what was half of the total course distance in a third of the available time, and the wind still looked good, so the course was not shortened.  However, as is usual, the time each boat crossed the line was recorded.  About a third of the way to the tower, with little warning, the wind died and then reversed, coming back weakly from the SE.  This cycle of weak reversing breezes continued for the rest of the race.  Most of the fleet had great difficulty fetching and rounding the tower.  Much of the fleet gave up after the tower but Sparkle, Boreas, Dorado and Thatuna managed to get in phase with the shifts and find a little pressure.  Loosely bunched, they were within ¼ nm of the finish when time ran out, a valiant effort.

As the full course was a total DNF, times for the short course were used for the results.

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Welcome to The Northwest School of Wooden Boat Building Sail-In


Reminder – Ed Barcott Memorial Sunday July 24

There will be a gathering at the Northwest Maritime Center for the many people wishing to remember and celebrate the life of Ed Barcott.

Date: Sunday, July 24 th.  Starting at 1.00 pm.


Couldn't resist re-running this - so typical.

Couldn’t resist re-running this – so typical.