2017 Event Calendar

Get ready for a great year of racing!

Railmeat To The Max

It would take our whole membership to sail this boat.

And we would probably need a bigger bay.

Sailing Sundays

Two boats braved the chilly weather and rain last Sunday to go for the first sail of the new year.  It took a little while to remember which strings to pull, but it all came back in the end.  Everybody had a good time in spite of the weather and we plan to continue sailing on Sundays (unless the wind is too crazy).  We will meet up on “Tbird row” on A dock at Boat Haven at high noon.  All boats are welcome – please join in.


Blew Bird



Looking back at 2016 and forward to 2017

2016 was a good year for racing on Port Townsend Bay!  The Port Townsend Sailing Association ran or helped run 28 separate events.  There were multiple races run in some of those events for a total of 40 individual races.  And if you raced in each one you would have sailed a total of 221 nautical miles. There were 5 distance races, the Thunderbird regionals, the new Ted Pike rum race, three series (spring, summer, and fall), and several regattas. Planning is underway for racing in 2017, which promises to be even better than 2016!




A Lesson From Scuttlebutt.

The scary video at this site   shows why spectators and photographers should stay clear of the pin when 90 ft. boats cross the start line at 20+ kts!  Notice the unflinching way these professionals force their right of way.