2017 Thunderbird International Championship Regatta to be held in Port Townsend


More information will be posted as it becomes available.

Fall Nightcap Series Race 5

As you probably know, or you may have suspected, Saturday’s race was cancelled.  The storm warning that was in effect made it a pretty easy decision for the race committee.  Let’s hope for better weather next Saturday!

Fall Nightcap Series 2016 – Race 4 Results (Rev.)

This was another example of the unpredictability of weather forecasting in Port Townsend Bay and how the unusual is becoming the new normal.  With Small Craft Warnings and a consistent forecast of 25 kt Southerlies, four crews left the Boat Haven to find very light and variable breezes with a mostly Northerly component.   After a twenty minute postponement waiting for the wind to stabilize, course SCGF was set, probably the first time this course has been used.  The first windward leg was well aligned with the light wind.  Rounding the windward mark was slow, then, just as chutes were raised, the wind switched to South and started to build.  The fleet split on this newly windward leg, one pair tacking for the Port layline the other going Starboard.  The wind built to about 16 kts with gusts to 21 and mostly held the same Southerly direction.  There was plenty of wind to avoid the usual difficulty in rounding G.  The boats taking the Starboard side of the course appeared to have been favored by over five minutes.  The wind began to ease, then fade, during the run to the finish.

Note:- The next two races will be run from City Dock as the CB is on vacation.

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Fall Nightcap Series – Race 3

Thatuna , Raven, Blew Bird and Boreas came to challenge the forecast 15 – 18 kt. Southerly winds.  On arrival at the Boat Haven the wind was 20 -23 kts.  As the wind was forecast to decrease during the afternoon and observations to the south were in the low teens, the Committee Boat headed out into a 3 – 4 ft chop.  By the time course SGIF was set up the wind was in the high twenty’s when the pin headed downwind (Anchor fouled by chain).  The start was postponed for the recovery of the pin when a long gust over 35 kts convinced all involved to cancel the race.

Fall Nightcap Series 2016 – Race 2 Results

This week the wind forecasts were not in agreement.  They started out around 5 kts.,  SE – ish then as the afternoon progressed were supposed to slowly decrease and either veer or back significantly.  Instead the CB found 8 – 9 kts. steadily from  110º M. appearing to cover the bay and this varied little (maybe the occasional 2 kt. lull and ±5º  shift) at the CB for the whole race.

Marks Y and T were well aligned for a windward/leeward course and, because of the good wind, the course was lengthened to  STYFTZ .  Crossing the line on the second upwind leg would allow for shortening course if the wind died as forecast.

The first trip to T and the run down to Y were brisk but, as last week, there was a hole at Y.  Four boats managed to slip through before it really died.  What puffs there were reportedly came from the West.  As the Mill was not working there was no steam to indicate wind direction.  After fifteen minutes or so, working puffs and currents, the rest of the fleet regained the South-easterlies and made fast work of the last two legs.  The last boat finished within 2½ minutes of the time limit.

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