26th Annual Shipwrights’ Regatta – February 25th, 2017


2016 Shipwrights’ Regatta

The first race of the new year will, as usual, be the Shipwright’s Regatta.  Co-sponsored by PTSA and the Northwest Maritime Center this is always one of the funnest events of the year.  Boats of all types of construction are welcome.  There will be prizes, perpetual awards, and two free haul-outs given away.

To register and for more information please see the Maritime Center’s regatta page.

End of year party a success

The end of year party, held at the Northwest Maritime Center on November 17th, was a great time with a big crowd.  The potluck provided plenty of excellent food.  Awards were presented.  Stories were told.  The left over rum from the Ted Pike Memorial race was finished in short order. It was a fitting end to a year of good racing.

Next race:  Shipwrights Regatta – end of February 2017.

Stay tuned for announcements regarding seminars currently being planned for early next year.



The Sparkle crew enjoys the evening


Amazing food.


The big table couldn’t quite fit everybody but a good time was had by all anyway.


Lots of conversation about a year of good racing before the festivities began.


Dave, the race committee chairman, enjoys the night.


More discussion about how to improve next year.



End of Year Party Update

The end of year party is this coming Thursday, November 17th at the Northwest Maritime Center.  It will take place in the classroom and foyer above the boat shop rather than in the main building.

We will gather at 6pm and begin the potluck dinner between 6:30 & 7:00. Anyone who would like to participate in the potluck should bring their own plates, silverware etc. along with their main dish and a side or dessert to share.  Beer and wine will be available by donation.


Fall Nightcap Series 2016. Race 7 & 8 Results and Final Standings.

A great ending to a pretty good season.

Before race time the wind was pretty much as forecast: SE 10 – 12. and well established. This allowed the RC to set two separate races (same course) in order to complete six for the series. It also allowed, in comparison with last week’s two lapper, an opportunity to confirm the reasonable belief that two starts give more opportunity for finish position changes than two laps.
continue reading » Fall Nightcap Series 2016. Race 7 & 8 Results and Final Standings.

Getting Close to Party Time

There is one more race in the Fall Nightcap Series, then it is time for the end of year party.  This year it’s a potlock.  Bring a main dish and a side or desert to share.  There will be awards, and a slideshow.  Stories will be told.  We will celebrate a great year of racing on Port Townsend Bay.  Everybody is invited.  Please join in.  Beer and wine will be available by donation.