Protection Island Race – Saturday

The 2017 Protection Island Race is scheduled for April 29 th.  That’s NEXT SATURDAY.  At 11:00 hrs., from City Dock.  The date has been chosen for favorable currents.

Printable SI addendum is available at Protection Island SI’s.   Print out a couple so you have a spare to hand out on the dock or water to a friend who has not read this.

Spring Whitecap Series – Race 3

The CB left the Boat Haven with a steady 5 kt. NWesterly, but once outside the breakwater the sea surface showed that the wind fanned out, then disappeared about 3/4 of the way across the bay.  A temporary leeward mark was set downwind of “I” and close to the wind-line in the hope that the wind would fill more of the bay later (it did).  As the course was short and the wind uncertain, a two lap course was set (SILF2, 2¾ nm.).

By now the wind was filling the outer bay, so advantage was taken to satisfy the PHRF fleet’s expressed boredom with short windward/leeward courses and their desire for longer legs. Course SILCLF, 3⅓ nm. was set.  The 450º rounding on the return to “L” was unusual but having the PHRF fleet rounding to starboard meeting the T-birds rounding to port would have led to an interesting evening interpreting the right of way rules at a mark.

At the start the wind had settled in at a solid 5 kts.  Most of the fleet noticed that it had shifted a little to favor the CB end of the line but there was minimal barging.  The wind continued to build and, by the end of the first lap, had reached 7½ kts. in the same direction, leading to second lap times about 20% faster than the first.   Both the T-birds and the leading PHRF boats arrived at “L” at the same time but without apparent incident.  All the T-birds and the first three PHRF boats finished in less than one hour.  After the leading boats had finished the wind built to 10+ kts. but the remaining boats still needed another 10 – 20 minutes to fetch the finish.

This week we welcomed Deja Vu (Cat 30TR) to our merry (mostly) band.

REMINDER – – Protection Island Race this Saturday. See notice above.

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Spring Whitecap Series 2017 – Race 2 Results

After last Friday’s gale which cancelled Race 1, followed by a well forecasted, windy, week it was a relief to see SE 6-8 kts forecast for race time this week.  So, the Committee Boat left the dock with a 4-5 kt. NW wind to see what was happening in the bay.

In the middle of the bay the wind was still 5 kt., steadily from 315ºM which aligns nicely with marks I and G.  The sea surface had uniform ripples with no signs of wind lines or flat spots, even in the usual places around the marks.  Course SIGF, 3¼ nm., was set.

Twenty minutes before the start the wind suddenly backed to 270º, but while the RC was considering realigning the course, the wind slowly veered to 310º. It continued this slow oscillation while gradually fading away right through the start.

After the start, with the wind very soft, the fleet spread out looking for pressure.  A few went for the starboard layline but most struggled down the middle.  The wind returned at 4 kts., but out of the NE, which closed up the scattered fleet.  The T-birds rounded the windward mark in a tight bunch.  The new wind held and turned much of the downwind leg into a reach. The wind appeared to be soft and variable around the leeward mark especially for the later boats, stiffened a little for the beat to the finish, which had become almost a starboard tack fetch, then softened again.  After almost all of the fleet had finished the wind settled in steadily from 300º at 7+ kts.  All boats finished within the time limit.

This week we welcomed the Sea Scouts’ new boat Faskor (Buccaneer 26), the NWMC T-bird Risa, and the Tripp 40 Lucky.

Reminder for some:  2017 Registration and Dues are overdue.  Registration forms are on this site under the “Join Us” tab.

Reminder for others:  2017 Sailing Instructions and Mark Descriptions are available on this site under the “Racing” tab.  Print a copy to keep on your boat. (Probably should read them too).

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Racing Rules

If you weren’t able to make it to Dick Rose’s talk about the newest version of the racing rules of sailing you missed a great presentation from the guy who literally wrote the rules (along with a few other people).  But don’t worry you can download the lastest rule book for free.  Go to this page and choose “2017 – 2020 World Sailing Racing Rules of Sailing”.

For even more information you can download the rules casebook that explains the rules with over one hundred real life examples.  Go to this page and choose “The Case Book”.

And remember the PTSA sailing instructions are officially part of the rules too.  You can find them here.

The next race is this Friday.  The committee boat will be back in action.  Let’s hope for a little less wind than last Friday.

First Spring Whitecap Series Race Friday April 7th, 2017

If the forecast holds true, a gale warning is already in effect, there will be a lot of whitecaps!  You may be wondering if the race will be cancelled.  Here is the section from this year’s sailing instructions regarding weather cancellations.

WEATHER CANCELLATION – If NOAA posts Gale Warnings for Admiralty Inlet covering race time the race may be canceled depending on local observed and predicted conditions. Skippers will gather at the Boat Haven two hours before start time to consider the advisability of racing and inform the RC.

UPDATE April 10th, 2017 – The race committee met with the few skipper who showed up at 4pm,  measured the wind as gusting over 30 knots in the Boat Haven parking lot, and officially cancelled the race.