Fall Nightcap Series 2016 – Race 2 Results

This week the wind forecasts were not in agreement.  They started out around 5 kts.,  SE – ish then as the afternoon progressed were supposed to slowly decrease and either veer or back significantly.  Instead the CB found 8 – 9 kts. steadily from  110º M. appearing to cover the bay and this varied little (maybe the occasional 2 kt. lull and ±5º  shift) at the CB for the whole race.

Marks Y and T were well aligned for a windward/leeward course and, because of the good wind, the course was lengthened to  STYFTZ .  Crossing the line on the second upwind leg would allow for shortening course if the wind died as forecast.

The first trip to T and the run down to Y were brisk but, as last week, there was a hole at Y.  Four boats managed to slip through before it really died.  What puffs there were reportedly came from the West.  As the Mill was not working there was no steam to indicate wind direction.  After fifteen minutes or so, working puffs and currents, the rest of the fleet regained the South-easterlies and made fast work of the last two legs.  The last boat finished within 2½ minutes of the time limit.

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Fall Nightcap Series – Race 1 Results

Turnout for the first race of the series was disappointing – only six boats.  Possibly the rescheduling of the series from Sundays to Saturdays was missed by some.

For once all the wind forecasts were in reasonable agreement  –  SSE 10 mph with higher gusts.   However, it was calm when the CB left the Boat Haven.  But by the time the CB reached the middle of the bay a breeze from 115 deg M started to fill in.  The course STYF was chosen as close to windward/leeward and to save the time of setting marks.  By the start the wind was 7 – 8 kts from 120 deg., favoring the boat end of a very short line.  This wind appeared to hold for the first windward leg and rounding of the tower but by the time the fleet was passing the CB downwind it had dropped to 5 – 6 kts.  It appeared that in the area of the leeward mark the wind went away completely for a while.  After a long struggle a slight patchy breeze veered through south to give boats an increasingly free close reach to the line.

NOTE: Don’t forget the fall series is now at 13:00 on Saturdays.
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Choice of two races this Saturday (9/17/2016)

Two races are happening this Saturday.

One is the opener of the PTSA Fall Nightcap Series on Port Townsend Bay.  Start time is 1:00PM.  Please note that this series, which was originally scheduled to be run on Sundays, has been changed and all races will be run on Saturdays.

The other is the Reach for Hospice Regatta, which is a fundraiser for the Volunteer Hospice of Clallam County.  All of the details and a link to sign up can be found on the regatta web site.  This regatta is sponsored by The Sequim Bay Yacht Club.


Wooden Boat Festival – Race Results

2016 Festival: 26’ & Under Class and Thunderbird Race

                                  Boats in Festival:

                                                       1    Kiya               16:10:27      (started 5 minutes after other Festival boats)

                                                       2    Chesuki         16:10:08

                                                       3    Zeta               16:17:19

                                         All non T-Bird boats:  Start time-14:48:00

                                                       1    Habenero      16:03:30

                                                       2    Chesuki         16:10:08

                                                       3    Rascal           16:11:14

                                                       4    Hakum           16:14:11

                                                       5    Zita                16:17:19

                                                       6   Aquavit           16:27:50

                                        Thunderbird Race: Start time-14:53:00

                                                       1    Dorado          16:02:19

                                                      2    Boreas            16:04:13

                                                      3    Caveat            16:06:44

                                                      4    Kiya                16:10:27


                   2016 Schooner Cup Race

                                                   Start time  15:20:00.

                                                        1   Sir Isaac         16:07:18

                                                       2   Martha            16:10:31

                                                       3   Red Jacket     16:14:01

                                                       4   Alcyone          16:15:47

                                                       5   Dirigo II          16:17:39

                                                       6   Grail                16:28:14

                                                       7   Spike Africa    16:30:39

                                                       8   Elsita               16:39:46

                                                       9   Adventuress   16:41:15

                                                      10  Sassafrass      16:42:57

                                                      11  Prudence         16:46:26

                                                            Mycia               DSQ

                                                            Zodiac              DSQ

                                                            Ceredwin         DSQ

                                                            Alice                 DNF

                                                            Mischief           DNS

Due to some inaccurate coordinates, we were unable to determine exact course distance.  It was estimated at about 5 miles.

Photos from the Thunderbird Regatta

To see a bunch of really great photos taken by Olga on Invader see the Thunderbird Fleet 2 Facebook page.