Railmeat To The Max

It would take our whole membership to sail this boat.

And we would probably need a bigger bay.

New Racing Website Offers Interesting Capabilities

Thanks to Jim Heumann who crews on THATUNA for sending this in. Have a post idea? Send it in to webmaster@ptsa.org.

I’m a member and I sail with John Lynes on THATUNA. I’ve recently discovered a smartphone app that in combination with a web site lets you record a race, upload it to the […]

Future Sailing – Wind Assisted Ferries

It seems like the technology of sailing continues to evolve at a faster rate. From Kimball Livingston’s Blue Planet Times.

By Kimball Livingston Posted April 21, 2014

Eventually, someone is going to get “wind assisted” transport right.

Don’t bet against Richard Jenkins.

The same Richard Jenkins who spent his first ten adult years figuring […]

2014 Pittman Innovation Awards

Sail Magazine’s annual innovation awards with some interesting new products.

The BG-Zeus MFD can show laylines.

Sailing has always been a technology-driven activity, and the spirit of innovation that prompted the first Stone Age sailor to cast off and let the wind do the work remains as vibrant today as ever. Of course, many […]

Return of the Riblets

It’s almost bottom paint time, how smooth are you going to sand and burnish? Could super smooth be slower? From Scuttlebutt.

Washington, DC (January 17, 2014) – From the sleek hulls of racing yachts to Michael Phelps’ shaved legs, most objects that move through the water quickly are also smooth. But researchers […]

3M Scotchloks, is my Love so Wrong?

Some ideas on dealing with the very small gauge wires that are used on many new electronics. From Ben at Panbo.

In October I promised to eventually discuss the 3M Scotchlok IDC connectors I used to tap into Gizmo’s engine gauge wires in order to install an Actisense EMU-1 Engine Monitoring Unit. Given that […]

Foiling In 4 Knots

Post from pressure-drop.us

The boys at Phillipe Kahn’s Pegasus Racing, not to be confused with the similarly named Port Townsend outfit, have upped their game in the foiling arena, modifying an F-20 Catamaran into a sweet flying machine.

“Flying MotionX Catamaran, Magic carpet, like riding champagne powder on a snowboard or skis. Highly recommended! […]

Millions Spent on Cup Techonology Begins to Trickle Down

Next week, cars that fly.

From Wired magazine. Some day, our whole life will be on foils. Maybe.

Frank Rinderknecht never set out to be the Willy Wonka of the automotive world.

The mad scientist of motoring started out importing sunroofs into Europe. Then he tried his hand outfitting cars for handicapped drivers. […]

Oracle Racing Resumes Flight Tests

click for large image

Meanwhile, back on the other bay (San Francisco), Oracle Racing, after a spectacular crash of their Cup boat #1 that ended with it drifting under the Golden Gate and out into the Pacific, managed to do a six-month repair job in three and one-half months and relaunched.

Adding Polars to Your Cell Phone

Thanks to Jak Mang – who has an interesting electronics project of his own in the very early stages – for pointing this out. In this app, modifiable, generic polars are available to match your boat and theoretically help you sail at your optimum VMG. It seems as if the movement of high tech sailing […]