Next week, cars that fly.

Next week, cars that fly.

From Wired magazine. Some day, our whole life will be on foils. Maybe.

Frank Rinderknecht never set out to be the Willy Wonka of the automotive world.

The mad scientist of motoring started out importing sunroofs into Europe. Then he tried his hand outfitting cars for handicapped drivers. Then he started modifying Porsches and helping a few German automakers with R&D. It was all normal enough. But then something snapped and he started doing things like building scuba-diving sports cars.

Rinderknecht discovered his penchant for the absurd 40 years ago. In the years since, he and his wild band of builders at Rinspeed have churned out the most daft ideas on four wheels. And sometimes six. And occasionally on — and under — water. The lunacy continues next week at the Geneva Motor Show, where Rinspeed will unveil the MicroMAX. It combines car-sharing and swarm algorithms to re-imagine urban driving. It’s far-fetched, yes, but ahead of its time — a recurring theme with some of Rinspeed’s farcical designs.

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