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I’m a member and I sail with John Lynes on THATUNA. I’ve recently discovered a smartphone app that in combination with a web site lets you record a race, upload it to the internet, and replay it overlaid on Google Earth. If more than one boat in a race records their track the site figures that out and shows them all. We have been recording races for a while now and are finding it really helpful.

I think others PTSA member might be interested too (Josh on BOREAS is using it already). So I’d like to suggest that you publicize it on the PTSA web site. The site is It is a relatively new site and and does still have some kinks to work out. But on the whole it is pretty impressive. And it is free (at least for now).

If we can get a bunch of boats using it I think it would help us all to sail better.

Thanks, and let me know if I can help.

Jim Heumann