One More Time

After an hour and a half of bobbing around, last week’s race (9/23/2017) was cancelled due to lack of wind. This Saturday’s wind prediction looks more favorable.  So let’s get out there for the actual first race of the fall series.  Start is at 1pm.

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Your dues at work

In case you have ever wondered how your yearly dues for PTSA are spent, here is a list of the major expenses since the beginning of the year.

  • $200 – membership in US Sailing
  • $775  – insurance
  • $182 – web site
  • $700 – race mark maintenance
  • $200 – mailbox rental
  • $200 – NWMC room rental
  • $136 – licenses and taxes

If you have already paid your dues for 2017 – thank you. If you haven’t, please go to the “Join Us” page and do so now.  It will help to ensure that PTSA stays financially sound and that we can keep having fun racing on Port Townsend Bay.

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Opening Day Boat Parade

The Port Townsend opening day boat parade is this Saturday,  May 6th, 2017.   The parade celebrates getting out on the water regardless of size of craft or method of propulsion.  Hosted by the Port Townsend Yacht Club and the Northwest Maritime Center, all boating organizations and boaters are invited to participate. The organizing committee asks that all participants RSVP so that the organizing team can better meet the needs of those participating.

You can get all the details at this page on the yacht club web site.


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After race BBQ this Saturday

After the Protection Island race, the Schooner Martha Foundation is going to host an after race BBQ at the Maritime Center for  the “Team MARTHA” race crew and families.  They would  also like to invite any and all PTSA Protection Island race participants to attend as well.  Anyone wanting to enjoy an after race cook out should bring their own BBQ stuff and share in the fun.  Martha will provide some basic condiments, the grill will be available, and the Maritime Center will be a great place to hang out.
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Sailing Sundays

Two boats braved the chilly weather and rain last Sunday to go for the first sail of the new year.  It took a little while to remember which strings to pull, but it all came back in the end.  Everybody had a good time in spite of the weather and we plan to continue sailing on Sundays (unless the wind is too crazy).  We will meet up on “Tbird row” on A dock at Boat Haven at high noon.  All boats are welcome – please join in.


Blew Bird



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