On a Mission to Maximize Participation!

Maybe in 40 – 50 years there will be enough of these, cheap enough, to replace the Thunderbird. And enough local sailors to crew them.


On a Mission to Maximize Participation

Published on September 9th, 2018

The late great Paul Elvstrom said it best: “It is much harder to build a solid […]

Railmeat To The Max

It would take our whole membership to sail this boat.

And we would probably need a bigger bay.

Documentary of Alula’s 2016 R2AK

This inspiring documentary can be found here. It runs about 20 min. This should get you all fired up planning for next year’s race! The law of averages says there should be ideal conditions this time, but Murphy and Parkinson are heavily invested in this enterprise to guarantee a challenge.

Interesting Videos

For your entertainment, if you go to this site you will find articles about an Orcas Island wind artist and also Commanche’s new monohull Atlantic crossing record. The interesting bits are from 06:10 to 20:18.