This was the scene tonight sailing back from Mystery Bay to PT.  Gotta love these moments, amidst all the stress and day-to-day rat race …

Today (Sunday, 8/2) was one of those perfect PT Days.  Nice, sunny weather, good wind, good friends, and a trip down to Mystery Bay on the bristol “Havheston.”  We weaved through the labyrinth entrance to Kilisut on a robust flood.  Upon arrival, we found Sirocco and the Vizzini/Kulin clan, an OK Dinghy, C-Lark, Nutshell Pram, Laser, Lido 14 and multiple kayaks, all filled with aquaphiles having a blast.

It was just Sean and I on the return trip.  We didn’t leave the dock until 7:10pm, so we knew we would get back late (9:30pm is what it turned out to be).  It was a great trip though involving a little rowing, sailing over “The Marrowstone/Kilisut/Ratt Island Bar” and a near perfect docking under sail and moonlight at Point Husdon.  One of the best parts of the return trip was getting to see that view of our little town that makes you so psyched to be sailing here.

Erik Coburn