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Snow Birds

Piper Dunlap sent in this photo of Tbird row in the snow on 2/9/2019.  It’s just two weeks until the Shipwrights Regatta – let’s hope it melts by then!

Birds in the snow

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Updated web site

If you have visited this web site before you will see some changes – hopefully they are improvements!  If you find anything that doesn’t seem to work right please send Jim Heumann an email at webmaster@ptsail.org.  The big changes are:

  • You can now join or renew your membership and pay on-line.  Click on the “Join/renew” menu item.
  • Discussion forums are available.  Click on the “Forums” menu item.
  • There is a new page dedicated to the PHRF fleet.  Click the “Fleets” menu item.
  • There is a new “tag cloud” in the footer at the bottom of every page.  Click on one of the links to find older posts on various topics.
  • You can sign up to be on the email list in the footer.
  • Comments will be turned on for most posts.  We’d like to hear what you think

Please let me know if you have any suggestions.

Here are a few photos from the last few Saturdays.


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End of Year Party and Awards Thursday 11/15 at 6pm

The annual end-of-the-year awards party and dinner will be held at the Pope Marine Building at 6pm on Thursday 11/15 at 6pm.  As in the past it will be a potluck dinner – please bring a main and a side dish to share.  Beer and wine will be available and there will be a slideshow.  This is always a fun event that provides an opportunity for each crew to relive their victories and decry their losses, to retell the stores of crashes and near misses, and to get excited for the new season starting in the spring of 2019.

The Pope Marine Building is located on the dock at the corner of Water and Madison Streets in Port Townsend (near the Cotton Building where the party was last year).




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Drone Video of Nightcap Series Race 2

Nick Reid (in conjunction with Stig Osterberg) captured some great aerial video of last Saturdays race.  There are three clips all of which can be seen below.  Lots can be learned by studying them carefully.  Thanks Nick and Stig!

It helps most if you remember the very light and shifty breeze and see how boats use it to advantage (or not). For a sense of scale (and speed?) the yellow tetrahedrons are less than 1/2 mile apart.





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Raven Wins 2018 Thunderbird West Coast Championship Regatta (updated)

Steve, Stig, Simon, and John dominated the regatta with four firsts, three seconds, and one fourth place finish.  And in late breaking news Magic Bus has been declared the third place winner. They tied with Invader in points and there was some confusion as to the tie breaking criteria, which as now been cleared up.

Here are the official, final, results:

It was an excellent two days of racing with better than predicted winds and good weather (after the fog burned off).

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Opening Day this Saturday (5/5)

The Port Townsend Yacht Club is sponsoring a boat parade and blessing of the fleet to celebrate the start of the boating season.  Everyone is invited to participate.  The parade begins around noon at city dock.  You can find all the details at their web site.

And don’t forget that leg one of the Port to Port race is this Saturday as well, starting at 2:30 (not 2:00).  So you could join in the parade then race to Port Ludlow!

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