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Party After Racing This Wednesday (6/19/19)

To celebrate a successful  Midsummer Series,  Admiral Ship Supply will be hosting a party for the fleet directly after racing ends on Wednesday.  The Raven crew will once again provide brats, chips and potato salad.  Please bring your own drinks.   Admiral Ship Supply is located near the heavy haul out.  All members are welcome.

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Free Bottom Paint

Bob, the owner of Admiral Ship Supply, has several gallons of bottom paint he would like to give away in exchange for a report on how well it has preformed after one year.  If you need bottom paint and would like to try an experiment, talk to Bob and he will set you up.  Admiral is in the Boat Haven shipyard near the heavy haul out.

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6pm Start Time for Wednesday Races

Since the days have gotten longer there have been requests to start the races at 6:00pm instead of 6:15pm, so we are going to give that a try.  See you out there for the first race(s) of the Midsummer Series.  Note that there will be a new committee boat – look for a Boston Whaler flying the race committee flag.

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First Warning: Midsummer Regatta 6/15/2019

The mid-summer regatta, held to celebrate the longest day of the year has become a fun tradition.  A full day of racing with a dock party and trophies after. All boats are welcome PHRF and Thunderbird. This year it is being held on 6/15/2019.  You can find all the details and register on line at our US Sailing Regatta Network page.  Note, however, that there is a ten boat minimum in order to hold the race.  If that number of boats have not registered by 6/5/2019 the race will be cancelled and all registration fees refunded.  So talk to your friends and get them to come out – it’s going to be a fun day.

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Dock Party After Racing This Wednesday (5/22/2019)

To celebrate the completion of the Wednesday Sunshine Series, and the PHRF Whitecap Series,  all racers (and all members of PTSA) are invited to a dock party after racing this Wednesday.  Bratwurst will be provided.  Please bring your own drinks and any side dishes you would like.  The location is Boat Haven, A-dock, on Tbird row.  Please help get the word out – it’s going to be fun.

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Port to Port Races Cancelled

The Port to Port distances races scheduled for this weekend (5/18 and 5/19) have been cancelled.  No crew has reserved moorage at Port Ludlow as of today (5/16).  Other distance races still on the calendar will run as scheduled.  Apologies for the short notice.  If you have questions or comments please send them to webmaster@ptsail.org.

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PT Leader Working Waterfront Insert A Little Confused

On pages 7 and 8 of the Working Waterfront insert to the Port Townsend Leader of 4/24/2018 there was a mixup regarding the races run by the Port Townsend Sailing Association and the classes given by the Northwest Maritime Center.  To clarify, the races listed on page 7 are run by us, and the classes that are listed starting on page 7 and continuing on to page 8 are run by the Maritime Center.

If you are new to this site – Welcome!  If you have questions please email: webmaster@ptsail.org.

RIP Admiral Bob McClinton

From Stig Osterberg:

Our dear friend, Admiral Bob McClinton, passed away early this afternoon of congestive heart failure. The Admiral was the owner and skipper of the Sequim J-105 “America”, and “Intrepid” and “Weigh to Go” before that. We could always count on him to participate in our Midsummer regatta. Bob was loved and respected by everyone who knew him, and a space as crew on his boat was hard to get as he was such a gifted leader of people.  He had only learned of this heart condition this morning, and had immediately phoned his entire sailing crew to request that they all meet for lunch. He unfortunately died before the gathering.

He was one of a kind, and we will miss him. His leadership and enthusiasm inspired all of us to be better and showed us what a “can do” attitude was all about.

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Racing This Wednesday and Friday (4/3 and 4/5)!

It’s here – the start of the racing season!  On Wednesday there will be two starts; one for Thunderbirds and one for PHRF boats.  Friday is dedicated to the PHRF fleet – all boats are welcome, including Thunderbirds, but all boats will race according to their PHRF rating.  If you don’t have a rating yet come on out anyway and the race committee will assign one for you.

The race committee is ready, are you?

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On Your Mark…

The PTSA race marks are back in the water and ready for the first race on April 3rd.  Some may not know that the marks must be removed every year for the winter lest they accumulate too much fouling and kelp and be washed away in one of our big winter storms.  The marks and rode must also be cleaned and repaired as necessary to be ready for the next season.  James Arsulich, with his trusty Catalina 36 “Nora Mae”, has assumed responsibly for this task over the last several years.  This year he has been ably assisted by Brian Bolling, John Lynes, and Jim Heumann.  The guy actually doing the diving has been Oscar Johnson from Poulsbo.

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