ALERT Bush Pt. Race 10:00am April 13, City Dock ALERT


Bush Point Race – Addendum to PTSA 2019 Sailing Instructions

SCHEDULE – Saturday April 13 th. The Warning signal will be at 10:00 hrs on City Dock.

RULES – As in 2019 Sailing Instructions for PTSA Races, except as amended herein.

COURSE – Cross Start line at City Dock towards NE. Round mark “SC” to port (it’s the yellow mid-channel buoy West of Bush Point). Cross the Finish line at City Dock towards SW. Course distance is 14.9 nm.

CLASSES – All boats will start together and race with a PHRF handicap.

IDENTIFICATION – All boats, especially visitors, check in with the RC at the City Dock before the start to make sure their PHRF rating is recorded.

SHORTENED COURSE – There is no provision for shortening course.

TIME LIMIT – There is no time limit.

FINISH TIMES – The finish will be unmanned. Each boat will record their finish time, preferably to the second (use GPS or cell phone time) and note the names of the nearest boats ahead and behind them (if visible). All this information is to be e-mailed within 48 hrs after the finish to

REQUESTS FROM USCG – All vessels must be aware of COLREGS Rule 10 (Traffic Separation  Schemes) and must comply with such regardless of their competitive  position at the time.

– All vessels should monitor VHF Ch 05A.

ALERT! McCurdy Pt. race noon April 20, City Dock ALERT!