Mike Roth and Nam Sui back at the surface after reinstalling the City Dock race mark.

Mike Roth and Nam Sui back at the surface after reinstalling the City Dock race mark. Photo by Satch Yarbrough.

1) A big thanks to Satch, Jon, Mike Roth and Nam Siu who re-installed the City Dock race mark used as the pin to start many recent PTSA races. Satch had the location on his GPS and the diver’s were able to locate the anchor almost immediately. Mike once again proved his talent as a diver by attaching the 1″+ three strand rode with a splice and a bowline, all done in 60+ feet of water. Now if we can only keep large yachts from twisting their anchor chain around the mark and severing it which is why it needed replacement in the first place.

2) A bluebird is set to join a fish, a bear, a bird and other plywood creatures. Commodore Dunlap reports that he and Dan have purchased a Tbird on the East Coast and Piper’s brother is driving it out, scheduled to arrive Saturday. Look for BLUEBIRD out among the TBirds. Depending on your point of view, this is more proof of a quickly spreading viral disease affecting PT, or another sign of the rise of one-design racing.

3) Note that Dave Burrows and the Race Committee have changed the start of Sunday series races to 1 PM in the hope of better breeze.

Computer-generated_picture_of_Mobile_Landing_Platform4) The smaller and more unusual looking ship anchored out on the Bay, the USNS MONFORT POINT, according to Wikipedia, one of three Marine hovercraft landing craft support vessels. The low topsides perhaps to help the hovercraft hop off and on.

5) Smaller, but at least as interesting is BINGO, a Perry designed 1/4 tonner that has been in the yard, most recently seen along the Boat Haven parking side next to John Guzzwell’s ENDANGERED SPECIES. Both boats looked beautifully cared for.