Eric Taylor reports that the top three boats were designed by Chris Maas from Center Island in the San Juans and powered by Taylor sails from Port Angeles at the recently completed International Canoe Worlds out of the Richmond Yacht Club on San Francisco Bay.  There’s lots of great boat design and boat building talent nearby, and sail maker’s, too, including Eric Taylor with Taylor Sails from Port Angeles and our own Sean Rankin.

2014 World Champion Mikey Radziejowski

2014 World Champion Mikey Radziejowski © Leslie Richter/

Well, the weather had the final say, as the weather so often does. Racing was blown off today, so the results after 8 races stand. Mikey Radziejowski is the new World Champion, having led the event from when Chris Maas capsized at the last windward mark of the first race. Chris sailed a super series thereafter, playing catchup all the way, but in the end the consistent Radziejowski, the only competitor to have a scoreline of all single figure results, won the series waiting for a start sequence that never came.

The fleet began to launch at around 11:30, By the time the first boats arrived at the course area the wind was already up to 18 knots. The race officer re positioned the committee boat further north to try and avoid the worst of the wind. The wind however did what it has done every day so far and continued to build by 12:25 the wind was up to 21 knots and the conditions were deteriorating despite the hot California sunshine. The race committee put up the AP over A to send the fleet back to the harbor. With it looking unlikely that any further racing would take place Mikey Radziejowski began his celebrations.

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