With Sunday’s Kinetic Race race taking place around our usual start line by City Dock, the October 7th PTSA Nightcap race will take place looking more like a Barcott Series race complete with a pre-race meeting by the picnic table,and Rob Marean on the horn and taking finishing times.

There will be a skippers meeting at noon at the picnic table to tell everyone the course. There is a weak ebb all afternoon and the wind is supposed to come out of the NW. Rob Marean, long time fixture in the Barcott Series, has agreed to do our start and take times for us this Sunday. He will start us from the shore with horns only and we will use the ‘I” buoy near Boat Haven and a white-painted rock on shore as the start line (Ed’s start). He will do our usual horn sequence with the warning blasts at 12:59 and the start at 1:05.

See you at the picnic table and then on the water.