Oracle 17 foils for the first time.

With rebuilt foils, Oracle 17 was back on the Bay Tuesday and foiled for the first time. Interesting video of rebuilding the foils from the big tri from the last Cup to replace this versions broken foils here.

Now it’s time to put away the big toys and celebrate one more week of the America’s Cup World Series in AC 45’s. The Thursday through Sunday fleet and match races will once again be available on YouTube live, and available for replays. The racing is scheduled at:

Thursday, Oct. 4
12:25-12:55 pm PDT   Match Racing Quarterfinals
5:00-6:15 pm PDT   Fleet Races 1 & 2

Friday, Oct. 5
4:00-4:35 pm PDT   Match Racing Quarterfinals
4:50-6:00 pm PDT   Fleet Races 3 & 4

Saturday, Oct. 6
4:00-4:35 pm PDT   Match Racing Semifinals
4:50-5:55 pm PDT   Fleet Races 5 & 6
6:10-6:25 pm PDT   Match Racing Championship

Sunday, Oct. 7
1:55-2:25 pm PDT   Fleet Race Championship