Home Stretch on Rigging the Townsend Tern

Walking the docks at Point Hudson we ran into Chelcie Liu and Kees Prins putting the final touches on rigging the Townsend Tern. Maybe that could be better stated as the final touches of the first iteration. Talking to Chelcie you get the idea that this project is far from over as all around the boat are new ideas and theories looking to be tried, tested and improved. From Kees initial drawing of a smaller Raid boat, the Townsend Tern evolved into a carbon fiber masted, cat ketch, with a high tech electric outboard drive system that pulls up into the boat behind closing doors. It’s handsome, beautifully built and innovative. The Tern is a real tribute to Kees’ design and building skills (and the crew that worked on it), and the involvement of an owner who brings experience and a curiosity to the project. It will be fun to watch it evolve.