Vote For the Boat!

Vote For the Boat!

In case you didn’t get Kiwi’s email this morning, Vote For the Boat! Only three days left and we’re in a tight race with a building.

Three More Voting Days Left!! We can’t do this without your votes so please try and vote every day up to and including this coming Wednesday.

Let all your email contacts know that we are down to the wire and need to really put on the pressure to win this competition and $125,000 from American Express.

Any non voters who want to join in and help us obtain this goal please feel free to go to and sign in and Vote for Schooner Adventuress.

Don’t forget we have only 3 more votes left for all voters. Please use yours and help us win.

This opportunity has been brought to us by Partners in Preservation. American Express has teamed up with the National Trust for Historic Preservation to give away $1 million to Puget Sound area historic sites. To learn more about the Partners in Preservation program, click here.


Thanks For Your Support!

Sound Experience Board Member