Great photos from a lovely night. You can see the entire set, taken by Bud Lebens, after the break.


Windshifts, Rainbows, Fun on the Bay

From Myron’s race report:

Race 3 deserves a title like “sailing in a weather front.” The windward/leeward course started in a light but slightly building northerly. Rounding the windward mark, two chutes went up just before the wind shifted 180 degrees so the second leg was also windward. Shortly after some boats rounded the “leeward” mark, the wind again shifted 180 degrees. Throw in a brief easterly, a couple of longer westerly’s, a few sprinkles, a double rainbow, a sunset shining under multiple cloud layers and ending in a strong soak cycle—what more can you ask for spring racing on the bay?!?

We’re working on making high resolution prints available. Watch for more info.