The meeting was called to order by Steve Scharf, Secretary, after much partaking of tasty snacks.

First order of business, a new assignment of duties was done for the officers.  The current roles/responsibilities are as follows:

President- Stig Osterberg
Vice President- Piper Dunlap
Secretary- Steve Scharf
Treasurer- Aleta Erickson
Public & Yacht Clubs Liason- Symbolyn Sebastian
Legal Coordinator- Satch Yarbrough

Second order of business, the board members had a quick tutorial on how to make posts on the new PTSA website using WordPress.  Much enthusiasm commenced.  This was quickly followed by the administrative decision to create user profiles for all board members, giving them Authoring priviledges on the site.  Everyone was encouraged to ‘give posting a whirl.’

Third order of business, the continuation of the previously addressed topic of committee formation was fleshed out.  The following committees have been created and each will be spearheaded by one or more of the board members.  Member involvement will be highly encouraged and details on the tasks of each committee will be continually evolving.

Buoys Committee- Satch
“D-Dock”/Social Functions Committee- Stig, Symbolyn; Dan Newland
Racing Facilitation Committee- Stig, Piper
Ratings Committee- Steve
One Design Committee- Piper
PT Invitational (June 26th) Committee- Symbolyn
Scholarship/Fundraising Committee- Steve
Port to Port Committee- Symbolyn, Satch
Education Committee- Symbolyn
Small Boat Committee- Stig; Sean Rankins, Chelcie Lui

Last order of business, the next board meeting date was scheduled for Jan 26th, 6 pm, at Uptown Dental Clinic.