The lightly attended and light air 26′ & under race was actually quite exciting with Chesuki, a “Dory”, winning, Min Dejlige Pika, a little Caledonia Yawl, winning second, and Voodoo Child, a go fast Didi Mini (sure to win) finishing last and DSQ for getting hooked on last mark.  The Schooner Cup, in much better wind, had the usual battle between Sir Isaac and Martha with 1 and 2 in that order after near perfect starts.  Big Pacific Grace from Victoria, B.C. took the third place burgee.

Result details below.

26′ & Under:  (non-festival boats that came out to race, but were not eligible for awards are in parentheses.)  Start time 14:58:00.

Chesuki                        16:05:33
(Caviat                         16:07:14)
(Coco Solo                  16:10:01)
Min Dejlige Pika       16:25:28
Voodoo Child            16:28:20 and DSQ

Schooner Cup
Start time 15:05:00

Sir Isaac                      15:59:20
Martha                        16:03:17
(Alcyone                     16:16:11)
Pacific Grace             16:37:30
Grail                            16:42:12
(Toadstool                 16:48:18)
Adventuress              17:07:05
(Belle                          17:19:50)
(Dulcinea                   DNF)


Sparkle Challenge:

Ariel of Victoria        Only finisher
Sparkle                        DSQ (finished in wrong direction)
Andiamo                     OCS (started with schooners)